Uncharted Waters Origin unveils its latest batch of recruits

LINE Games, Motif, and KOEI Tecmo have announced the latest raft of updates for their seafaring adventure title Uncharted Waters Origin, and if you’ve played for a while you know what to expect. A new Admiral, new mates, and some new story, the old tried and tested.

If you are a fan of the Dynasty Warriors series you might recognise the name, as our new S Grade Admiral is Zheng He. This Ming official is more geared towards the world of combat, with buffs to Additional Artillery Attack and Ramming. He also increases the chance for injured Mates to heal naturally by 0.2%, which sounds small but is a decent thing to have.

Of course, a new Admiral brings a new story, and if you manage to complete Zheng Hes’ Memoirs you can enjoy this Chronicle for free. However you manage to experience the tale, you will be taken on a trip as Zheng He, under the orders of the Yongle Emperor, leads a fleet off on a magnificent voyage.

For our new Mates, we may be in the presence of pirate royalty. The S Grade recruit in this update is Edward Teach, a name most commonly attributed to the dreaded Blackbeard. Never has there been a more fitting mate. You could also grab the A Grade Charlotte de Berry and two B Grades in Edward Dampier and João Afonso.

After recruiting your crew, you can try your hand at the new Guild Assault boss raid content, starring Thomas Tew. Team up with your Guild Members and tackle one of five difficulty levels to earn yourself ship parts and crafting materials. Speaking of, the Gear/Parts Enhancement System has been updated, allowing the collection of materials to increase stats.

Uncharted Waters Origin is available to download from the App Store and Google Play, with a 7-Day Mission Event held until August 13th. It acts as a sort of introduction to the bartering system, rewarding players as they learn the act of parley.