Perfect Dark Nintendo Switch Online release has various problems

Perfect Dark Switch Online issues

Perfect Dark was one of the surprise additions to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service as part of yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, but unfortunately, fans were quick to discover that it’s plagued with a number of issues. What’s especially concerning is that these problems weren’t present when the title first came to the N64 all of those years ago.

Graslu00 shared a breakdown of the current situation on social media. Everything is outlined in the post here, but for a quick rundown of what’s been found currently:

  • Sound is too low compared to N64 and this is not a settings issue
  • The dizzy effect is broken, almost making it unplayable; can get to the point of freezing the screen entirely
  • Switch version lags from guns emitting smoke from the barrel after firing full auto or fast enough for a bit
  • Some action tracks won’t play; if you’re quick restarting a level the level music won’t play at all until you pause the game once
  • Light flare effect is broken; they will go through any weapon and also some walls and doors
  • Explosions are more transparent / dim; debris from broken objects is mostly missing, making it so objects instantly disappear when broken instead of being destroyed
  • Some texture issues
  • Input delay and the wrong sensitivity causing issues with aiming
  • Issues with online play

This isn’t the first time that a N64 game on Switch Online has seen issues. Nintendo has sometimes gone back and patched out bugs that were present. We can only hope that the same thing will happen with Perfect Dark.

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