Unstoppable Board Game, A Roguelike Deck-Builder, Is Fully Funded on Kickstarter

Renegade Game Studios has launched a new board game Kickstarter. The campaign is for the Unstoppable board game, a co-op roguelike momentum deck-builder by the creator of Mystic Vale. Within the first day, the campaign was fully funded.

The Unstoppable board game Kickstarter

According to the campaign page, the Unstoppable board game is the latest in Renegade’s Solo Game series. The game is set in a sci-fi world and revolves around three planets. The cutthroat city-world of Ceres II, Virenos’ deadly forests, and trash-riddled wasteland that is Mithras.

Build your cards, build your deck. Good luck.

The game can be played either solo or co-op with another player. You play as someone touched by fate. tasked with stopping something that threatens all three worlds. To pull that off, you will need to gather allies, train, upgrade your tools, and become unstoppable.

A game of Unstoppable is simple. You pick one of four heroes and a boss to fight. You take turns drafting and upgrading cards. You’ll use these cards to face threats, level up, and gain momentum. But the longer you take, the more dangerous the boss becomes. The game ends when you win or fail.

Upgrading cards in the Unstoppable board game is thanks to the game’s card-crafting system. Like Solforge Fusion, you can stack different upgrade cards on different core cards, effectively making a unique kind of card as you play. There are 100 core cards and 36 upgrade cards in the base game, that is 3,600 possible combinations.

The game was designed by John D. Clair. Clair’s tabletop design credits include Mystic Vale, the award-winning 4X card-crafting pirate game Dead Reckoning and the collaborative flora and fauna board game Ecos: First Continent.

In addition, it continues Renegade Game Studio’s reputation of producing experimental and ambitious board games. Their catalog include The Search For Lost Species, The Vale of Eternity, and the silent role-playing game Alice Is Missing.

The different pledge tiers for the Unstoppable board game are as follows:

  • Can’t Stop for $60: A physical copy of the game and any unlocked stretch goals.
  • Won’t Stop for $75: A physical copy, any unlocked stretch goals, and an official game mat.
  • Never Gonna Stop for $90: A physical copy, any unlocked stretch goals, and two official game mats.
  • Unstoppable All In for $100: A physical copy, any unlocked stretch goals, and three official game mats.

The campaign’s stretch goals mostly add extra cards to the base game.Up to 12 additional Ally Cards, 6 Tactics Cards, and 5 Upgrade Cards.

At time of writing, the Unstoppable board game campaign has raised $62,762, more than six times its initial funding goal of $10,000. The campaign concludes July 3