Power Up Wherever You Go With This Discounted Baseus Power Bank, Now Almost 70% Off

A power bank can come in handy at anytime, especially if you’re taking your devices on the go. A few things to consider before purchasing one would be how much power your devices need and how many ports you use on a frequent basis, and most importantly, price. Thankfully we found a great deal on a great portable charger that has you covered. The Baseus Blade 2 ultra-slim power bank is now just $63. That’s a savings of 67% of the retail price. Don’t forget to clip Amazon’s on-page coupon to score the full discount. 

This Baseus Blade 2 battery pack supports 65-watt fast charging which is more than enough to power your phone, tablet or other tech. You can even use it to charge a laptop as well, although perhaps not quite as quickly as you would if you plugged it into a wall outlet. Still, in a pinch, any juice is better than no juice, right? And with a 12,000-mAh capacity, you’ll have plenty of it to go around.

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Multi-device charging is supported thanks to two USB-C ports and there’s a large LED display to show just how much power is left. not that you’ll need to use it thanks to support for the Baseus app on your phone. You can set timers, countdowns and more for the ultimate control of your power usage while you can even configure screensaver text as well.

A storage pouch is included, as is a 100-watt USB-C cable so you’ll have everything you need to get started. And because the whole thing is just 7.3mm thin you’ll be able to slip it into your laptop bag with ease and take it just about anywhere, perfect for those who want to always have extra battery life available to them at a moment’s notice.

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