CBS Goes All in on ‘Cheap Fakes’ Claim, but Has Embarrassing Problems of Their Own – RedState

We’ve been seeing the Biden team promote this “cheap fakes” narrative to deal with the problem of Joe Biden’s issues. As we’ve noted that isn’t working very well when you try to tell Americans not to believe what they are seeing with their own eyes from videos that are not in fact fake. 

However, some media outlets are picking up on and promoting this narrative. 

One of the media outlets that went all in on this was CBS. They did a whole segment of almost five minutes on this narrative focusing on the skydiver video question. The video they show themselves in the clip is a narrow version of the action. I think the NY Post had a narrow version as well so perhaps that’s why they’re showing that. 

The wide-view video that was most widely spread was actually worse for Biden. CBS does not show that one. The wide view does show Biden did “wander” – or move away from the group that was assembled together. You can see leaders looking at him. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni had to go, and turn him back around for the remarks from the skydiver that they were about to listen to. Here’s the video with that included. 

You can argue about the import of all that. But you can’t argue that away or say it’s “fake.”

Then on top of that, they go on to talk about what impact these “cheap fakes” might have on the election compared to other forms of “misinformation.” Are you kidding me? Where were you guys when it came to the effort to suppress or call the Hunter Biden laptop Russian disinformation? CBS’s Lesley Stahl cut former President Donald Trump off and said that the laptop couldn’t be verified. Where is CBS now with the constant lies spewed by Joe Biden including the lies he tells about his opponent, former President Donald Trump? 

Another point is that the videos are not taking aim at his “age.” They point out his incoherence or other signs of deterioration. Many people are old, but not incoherent. Making it about “age” or calling it “cheap fakes” then allows you not to address the real issues here. 

But definitely, the funniest thing about the CBS take was this follow-up to the above clip. 

“An earlier post was removed as it included the wrong version of a video. This version has been updated to include the correct clip and label on the edited video,” they said. 

The “wrong version”? Why what do you mean, CBS? What “wrong version” did you show? What was “wrong” about it? Was it the wider view that would have made Biden look worse? And why didn’t you show that? 

Strategic Communications Director Tommy Pigott blasted them. 

Mainstream media at this point has no credibility with the things they are trying to sell us.