Cat Rescue Story Lets You Run Your Very Own Cat Shelter in September

Nacon and Tivola have announced Cat Rescue Story, a cat shelter sim that lets you start and run your very own center for adorable stray kitties.

Launching on September 26th, Cat Rescue Story originated on mobile devices, but it’s now making the leap to PC and consoles, so if you haven’t had the chance to get to know the game’s cuddly cats, you soon will.

Unlike other pet sims, you won’t just be hanging out and playing with cats in Cat Rescue Story. Rather, as the name implies, you’ll be taking strays in off the street, caring for them until they’re ready to leave, and then finding an adoptive family for them.

Cat Rescue Story looks perfect for all the cat lovers out there, myself included.

Nacon is promising a “child-friendly” and “endearing” story for Cat Rescue Story, in which you’ll get the chance to meet over 50 breeds of cat, each of which will have their own needs and personality quirks.

You’ll also get the chance to engage with various minigames that will give you the chance to unlock new rooms and customization options for your cat rescue center.

The debut trailer for Cat Rescue Story shows various ways in which you can interact with your cats as well, including grooming, helping to deal with and dress wounds, and play. 

You can check out that trailer here if you want to get a sense of the kind of gentle management sim gameplay Cat Rescue Story looks like it’s going for.

Your duties will also include buying supplies for your cats (and, of course, making sure to get the good treats, because they won’t eat anything else), decorating your center, and even playing as your cats in certain minigames.

Between this, cozy exploration game Little Kitty, Big City, and weird cyberpunk adventure Stray, it’s fair to say cat fans are eating well right now when it comes to video games.

Cat Rescue Story launches for PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch on September 26th. Hopefully, this isn’t the last cat rescue center management sim we get to play.