Grab a Grammy-inspired Backbone One with the Post Malone collab

There are so many mobile controllers on the market that it could be a little difficult to know which to go for. If you are someone who goes for a good old celebrity endorsement, however, then the new Backbone One might be for you, created as it was with American rapper Post Malone.

It is sometimes hard to take this sort of team-up seriously, never knowing if the celebrity is in it for the passion or the paycheck, but Post Malone does have a history with video games. He has appeared in adverts for games in the past and even turned his hand to Twitch streaming at some points, so it feels like a genuine one, which is nice.

The biggest thing you will notice about the special edition controller is its distinctive look; it is translucent green. Apparently, that is Mr Malones favourite colour. The logo also glows in the dark, which will never not be a cool feature let’s be honest. The controller will also sport a few nifty upgrades from previous models.

It features an upgraded Aluminum D-pad, as well as Laser etched aluminium ABXY buttons, so it will look very shiny, crucial for gameplay. You will also get hand-assembled, sequentially numbered premium packaging to show off your fandom. It does look like quite a pretty product, managing to stay good-looking instead of straying onto the tacky side.

The Backbone One is a little picky over which can and can’t work with PlayStation Remote Play, so we made sure to clarify with the Post Malone edition. If you are using this on an iPhone then you are free and clear to stream your Playstation games. Unfortunately, this is not a compatible feature on an Android phone, so bear that in mind if you are an avid Playstation Mobile player.

You will be able to pick up the Post Malone Backbone One on June 26th, but you will need to be quick as there are only 500 units available. It is also USB-C only.