ByteBrew launches support for web games in their all-in-one platform

In its most recent update, ByteBrew announced that studios and developers can now use its platform for web games with the latest version of their Unity SDK and the all-new Javascript SDK.

Using ByteBrew’s free tooling, web games will gain access to the platform’s product suite including its real-time analytics, advanced live operations and more.

With this new support, ByteBrew aims to help web game developers understand their game’s performance, pinpoint optimisation opportunities and make valuable live updates to keep players engaged.

“ByteBrew’s core mission is to reduce the barriers to entry for the commercial success of creative developers. As more teams adjust to new market realities and seek new platforms to grow, we will continue to provide them the tools they need not only to achieve their goals, but thrive.” said Christopher Lefebvre, Chief Strategy Officer of ByteBrew.

Many top app publishers already use ByteBrew’s advanced features, reaching hundreds of millions of players each month. Both web and mobile developers can start using ByteBrew for free by visiting