Best ways to farm Radiolite in Destiny 2: Regular and rare, explained

Destiny 2 has concluded the Light and Dark Saga and is already heading toward its next story path. The first Episode: Echoes has given us a lot of info and lore on the upcoming year of Destiny content. With that info, we will start the new activity and look at the best ways to farm Radiolite in Destiny 2.

How to farm regular Radiolite in Destiny 2

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Radiolite is a brand-new substance you can collect while participating in the Episodic activity Breach Executable. Finding them can be fairly easy, as they take the appearance of destination materials while you’re going around smashing your Planetary Piston Hammer.

But if you are having trouble shooting them as your random teammates rush through the activity, consider putting a Wombo Detector mod on your Ghost. Doing this will show a marker on your screen whenever you’re within 50 meters of a chest, or in this case, materials such as Radiolite.

And speaking of teammates rushing through, ensure you are thorough when completing a Breach Executable as there are a ton of Radiolite Samples you can miss. I know it can be hard when your fellow Guardians are speeding through the activity, like The Witness is still at our doorstep, but try to get them to slow down because it will benefit all of you. Once the activity is over you can deposit all the Radiolite you’ve been accumulating for some extra Episodic weapons and rewards.

Where to find Iridescent Radiolite

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Iridescent Radiolite is one of three common samples you’ll find while taking part in the Breach Executable activity on Nessus. If you’re using the Wombo detector, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding these samples. What’s more, if you have a charge in your Piston Hammer and you use it during the mission, tons of Iridescent Radiolite should spawn around it once you deal with the immediate Vex.

You can tell the difference between Iridescent samples and the rest because of their rainbow pattern and spiky edges. Make sure to scour every inch of the activity to find the most amount of Iridescent Radiolite. In doing so, you might just find some red-colored samples as well.

Where to find Crimson Radiolite

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Much like the previous sample, you can find Crimson Radiolite simply by playing Breach Executable and finding them around the Nessus activity. These samples are different than the previous ones because instead of a rainbow spiky rock, the Crimson Radiolite is a solid red, diamond-shaped rock.

Of course, every sample is housed within a circular orb, but the inside should be bright red rock if you’re looking for Crimson Radiolite. Now let’s round out our regular Radiolite resources by taking a look at the final sample.

Where to find Ivory Radiolite

Best Way To Farm Radiolite In Destiny 2 Ivory
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Ivory Radiolite is the last regular sample you will encounter around the grounds of the Breach Executable activity. Unlike its colorful counterparts, the Ivory sample is a white circular rock you once again find in circular material capsules.

Just keep an eye out for the markers on your map, and you’ll quickly be on your way to getting some of the Organic Specimens from Failsafe.

Where to find Azure Radiolite

It seems that the three Radiolites we’ve been collecting aren’t the only ones we Guardians are going to find throughout the 10th year of Destiny 2. There are samples, such as the Azure Radiolite that are coming.

Thanks to TodayInDestiny, we’re able to look ahead at the upcoming weeks of content. This tells us that we will most likely see Azure Radiolite in week 7 of Episode 1, around the time Act II Part 1 is released.

The quest name is titled Assimilated Rock and Stone II and requires you to get one Azure Radiolite and one other new sample. We won’t know if it will be tied to the story, or unlocked via a deeper exploration of Nessus.

Where to find Golden Radiolite

Golden Radiolite is the second unknown sample we will be excavating. Sadly much like the previous one, it is tied to the same seasonal challenge as Azure Radiolite is. That means we have to wait until week 7 when Act II Part 1 starts.

However, there are two more specimens that will apparently make their way to the game. The only question is when?

Where to find Emerald Radiolite

There’s another quest much like the previous one that asks you to acquire Azure and Golden Radiolite. Except the specimens in question you’ll need to collect are very different.

First, you’ll need to get some Emerald Radiolite, and thanks to TodayInDestiny again, we know roughly the time players can expect to grab some green samples. You get the seasonal quest Assimilated Rock and Stone III in week 13 of the Episode, the same week that we unlock Act III Part 1 of the story.

We won’t know where to find Emerald Radiolite until then, so check back in week 13 to find out. And since there are always two Radiolites attached to these seasonal quests, we must at the very least mention the last one.

Where to find Violet Radiolite

Finally, we’ve got the Violet Radiolite, the second sample you must get to complete the seasonal quest. While we still don’t know how to get it, the quest for Violet Radiolite unlocks in week 13, so it’s safe to assume whatever content it comes from will be available at the same time.

So if you want to wait until every piece of Readiolite is available, wait until week 13 and all those shiny rocks will be yours should you choose to brave the Vex hordes on Nessus.

How to farm rare Radiolite in Destiny 2

So far, the information we know about rare Radiolite is very little. I’m sure we’re expected to learn more as the Episode unfolds, but for now, it seems you will have a chance to find rarer versions of Radiolite at random, with the chance increasing if you use the Piston Hammer in an Executable activity. Besides the color change when you acquire it, you’ll know you got a rare version if the weight of it is higher than 10g’s.

Finally, if you complete the story missions of the Episode there are always going to be Radiolite samples in between combat areas, so keep an eye out for those.

But that’s about all we know about the rare Radiolite and how to get it as of now. It seems that the first pair of rare samples will drop during week 7 of the Episode, with the second pair arriving in week 13. We’ll be sure to update this section as soon as we start collecting those rocks. I just hope I’ll have enough time to get all the seasonal challenges before the start of the next Episode.

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