Anime Defenders Update 2 Tier List – New Units Ranked! – Gamezebo

Our Anime Defenders Update 2 Tier List has ranked all the units from the Anime Defenders Update 2 from best to worst, so you can see who the strongest and weakest are.

You can play Anime Defenders on the Roblox website. If you’re already a player, or would like some extra information, check out our Anime Defenders Titles guide and our Anime Defenders Gems Guide.

Anime Defenders Update 2 Tier List

Let’s rank!


These units are the best of the best! Make sure you get these as soon as you can, as they’ll be the most useful.

  • Muscle Sorcerer 
  • Beast Sorcerer 


If you can’t get your hands on units in S-Tier, these are still great options!

  • Rift Sorcerer 
  • Cursed Archer
    • Legendary and Limited Unit


If you’re a beginner and just starting out, these units will serve you well. They’re great for getting gameplay started, however try and get units in higher tiers as soon as you can.


These units provide a few positives, but they won’t help you progress in the game.


Avoid these if possible! They won’t be helpful.

  • Luckily, no one is here yet! Let’s hope it stays that way too…

How Do We Determine Our Rankings?

We use a variety of sources to rank the units to ensure it’s as accurate as it can be! We use a mix of our own experience of playing the game, as well as community response. If you disagree with our rankings, that’s okay! Make sure to take things lightly.

If the game has had an update, a unit’s rank may change if better units get added. Make sure to regularly check back to see if units have gone up or down.