The Metroidvania starring a mouse is live on kickstarter

Is it a Mousevania or a Ratoidvania?

Australian independent solo developer Daniel Freer, founder and owner of Pond Games, has officially launched the crowdfunding campaign for Pipsqueak!, a fascinating and challenging pixel art Metroidvania starring Tofu, a small masked warrior mouse.

Pipsqueak! is my dream project. I have been thinking about it for years, and I am so grateful to finally be making it,” Daniel enthusiastically declares. “This is my second game. I previously released RITE to a ‘very positive’ reception on Steam, and later on Nintendo Switch. Thank you so much for your interest in Pipsqueak!”

Developed in collaboration with Frogrammer and John Oestmann, who respectively provided programming and composition support to the developer, Pipsqueak! tells the heroic tale of Tofu, a brave mouse fighting for survival in a cruel and hostile world where everything and everyone seems to want him dead.

Setting out on a journey to uncover the dark truth hidden behind this labyrinth of deadly traps, inhospitable creatures, and secrets lurking around every corner, Tofu will face arduous challenges that the world throws at him, challenges that will also test us: frantic, acrobatic combat that will push Tofu’s abilities to the limit, incredibly precise platforming that will likely punish even the smallest mistake, and engaging, rewarding exploration and traversal that fuel the joy of discovery—all within a mouse-sized game world!

The project has already achieved considerable success on Kickstarter, raising AU$40.452 (approximately €24.944) towards a goal of AU$60,000 (approximately €37,040). What has impressed us the most—ourselves included—is the game’s stunning pixel art style and the apparent polish and fluidity of the protagonist’s combat and movement animations. However, we prefer to reserve judgment on this aspect until we can experience the game firsthand.

The Kickstarter campaign has also caught the attention of Team Cherry, the acclaimed studio behind Hollow Knight, who left words of appreciation for the project in the campaign’s comments section. Such praise is promising and serves as a great encouragement, especially coming from a highly talented team like Team Cherry!

Team Cherry

To support Pond Games, visit the Pipsqueak! Kickstarter campaign through the following link and choose the tier that suits you best. There are still 26 days left to contribute!

Additionally, if you want to take a closer look at the game, a free demo is available on the Pipsqueak! Steam page. Give it a try!

For more updates on Pipsqueak!, stay tuned with us and don’t forget to visit the official Pond Games website for all the latest news about Daniel Freer’s new game.

That’s all for today. Squeak!

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