Trump Lights It Up With Black Voters in Detroit, Pastor Thanks Him for Something Neither Biden, Obama Did – RedState

While Joe Biden was in Los Angeles trying to pick up some of that Hollywood elite cash, Jimmy Kimmel reportedly made the comment that former President Donald Trump doesn’t care about regular people, even as it was Trump who was in Detroit meeting with “regular” people — including with black voters at a church. It was yet another tone-deaf, not-dealing-with-reality Biden team moment. 

Trump has been reaching out to people even in traditionally blue areas like the South Bronx and Detroit. And it may be making a difference as we see states that have been blue for some time — Minnesota and Virginia — now have polls saying Trump is leading in shocking news. 


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But in a way, it’s really not all that shocking. Joe Biden has made such a mess of everything from Afghanistan to the border to the economy. It’s having an adverse impact on people across the country. They want a change, and they can remember when it was better under Trump. That’s why they want to hear from the former president. He didn’t disappoint and they were grateful that he came.

Former President Trump attended a roundtable discussion at a church in Detroit on Saturday afternoon in an effort to reach out to Black voters.

During the discussion, 180 Church Pastor Lorenzo Sewell told Trump that he was “humbled” by the former president’s visit. 

“President Obama never came to the ’hood, so-to-speak, right? President Joe Biden, he went to the big NAACP dinner, but he never came to the ’hood. So thank you,” Sewell said, eliciting applause from the audience. 

When Joe Biden does events with black voters, he seems to speak at people, often pandering to them. But Trump was speaking with people at that roundtable in the church to see what they wanted and to listen to what they had to say.

Trump spoke about how the problems with illegal aliens impacted the community. Detroit is one of the cities that has been inundated by illegal aliens, so Trump got a lot of applause when he said he would address that issue.   

This community leader, Carlos Chambers, was a veteran and worked in the USPS for 30 years. He was so upset with the horrible Afghanistan withdrawal from Joe Biden that resulted in 13 young American military members being killed. He said they needed to have Trump back in office because he cared about the military. Chambers had a special request that brought down the house that indicated he was not happy with the woke direction the military has been headed down:   

Restaurant owner Omar Mitchell noted how when Trump was in office, all the communities benefited.  

“The money was pumping when you were in office,” he said. “We need to get back to that,” he finished. 

Valerie Parker worked with kids and was concerned about illegal immigration. Byron Donalds teased that maybe she also had a little bit of a crush on Trump. 

Trump spoke about having the lowest black unemployment and people cheered for that.  

This may explain why you getting that movement from black voters from Biden in 2020 to Trump now in 2024. See for example this chart from Pennsylvania.  

That’s the bottom line, Trump is making the effort, while Biden is just being ineffective and incoherent. 


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