Madden 25 Beta Begins, Here’s What to Know

EA has started to send out the Madden 25 beta codes as of June 14, which coincides with the first of their reveals for this year’s game. This is one day later than expected, and since the Madden 25 beta is what I would call a semi-closed beta, we’ll hit on some of the main questions that get asked because there’s always a lot of confusion that surrounds the Madden beta.

I call it a semi-closed beta because you can’t really share media from the beta, the invites go out in waves, various modes get locked, and you don’t always even get the codes you expected to receive. This isn’t about getting into the merits of having a beta like this, this is just how Madden usually rolls. The beta is basically there for feedback, experimentation, quick fixes, and server load checks.

Madden 25 Beta FAQ

I signed up but didn’t receive an invite.

Yep, that’s not that weird on day one. The first wave of invites happened today so that means not everyone who signed up will get an invite today. There will be more waves of codes as the days progress so keep checking your e-mail. If you never get an e-mail, well, that’s a bummer. We have seen it happen before, but it’s rare. That said, be careful about trying to get codes through other means. I wouldn’t say the “black market” for beta codes is huge, but we have seen people get scammed before so just be on your toes if you do try to pay a little cash for a code.

Some modes are locked, what gives?

Yeah, EA does not give full access to the entire beta on day one (and usually keeps certain things under wraps throughout). For now, the big thing is that franchise mode is not available at launch of the beta.

I missed the window to sign up, can I still sign up?

No, at least not right now. It would not be too wild if eventually EA opens up the beta to everyone, but for now if you did not sign-up during the various points the form was live, you are out of luck.

I activated my code but it’s not working.

It will depend on the platform you’re on, but yes, it can be a little touchy so here is the official EA spot for the beta. For example, on PC the EA app might not accept the invite code and you’ll need to try it on Steam.

On Xbox Series X, we’ve had some people saying the code works but the game crashes. In that case, try to sign in on a different profile and see if that helps. If you can’t find your download on Xbox, try these steps:

Look in “Games and Apps” under Owned Games, sort by Most Recent, should be a one of the first tiles. It’s a gray box called Madden 25 Test Realm.

On PS5, the issues we’ve seen are that sometimes the redeem code does not lead to a download and then says the code has already been redeemed. We don’t see a fix for that specific issue as of now but we’re assuming it’s an issue on EA’s and Sony’s end that they’ll need to work out.

How long is the beta open?

As of now, EA has stated the beta will run from 6/14 through 6/18, and then also 6/28 through 7/2. It’s possible they could add more dates.

Can we share impressions on the forums?

The language looks to be similar to last year:

You also must not post videos, thoughts, discussions, screenshots or stream the closed beta on social media or the Internet. Doing so will result in removal from the closed beta as well as potential bans on all Madden NFL accounts.

We did reach out to EA last year and they seemed okay with folks posting impressions on the forums (as long as no media was posted with them) so some folks are posting their impressions on the forum. If you’re worried at all about EA accounts being banned, then just don’t post anything.