Media Hype Trump’s Age as He Turns 78: ‘Old, Drunken Uncle Vibe’

Former President Donald Trump turned 78 on Friday, and the establishment media are already hyping his age, claiming he is showing signs of aging, like President Joe Biden, who turned 81 in November.

Matthew Foster, a professorial lecturer at American University, told Agence France-Presse (AFP) that Trump has a “drunken uncle vibe.” Foster’s comment comes as several polls have shown that voters are concerned about Biden’s age.

“He’s giving off the old, drunken uncle vibe at times when he is giving these speeches, and this might be a sign of age, that you become less able to control all of your impulses,” Foster told the outlet.

The Biden campaign also took a jab at Trump turning 78 with a post on X, showing video snippets of Trump sayings, with a cake and birthday candles in the background.

“Hbd donald,” the video from the Biden campaign says. “78 years unhinged!”

The news outlet continued to note that in the past several months, Trump had “confused the leaders of Turkey and Hungary” and also warned the world was heading “for a second” world war:

In recent months, Trump also confused the leaders of Turkey and Hungary, warned that the world was headed for a second — not third — world war, and called fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter a “wonderful man.”

The Washington Post likewise published an article in which it pointed out that if elected president in November, Trump would be “the oldest president ever inaugurated.”

Joel Kramer, the Director of the neuropsychology program at the UCSF Memory and Aging Center told the outlet that the risk for both Trump and Biden “is about the same for demonstrating some degree of cognitive decline over the next four to five years.”

As Trump celebrated his birthday Friday, first lady Jill Biden pointed out that her husband is a “healthy, wise 81-year-old.”

A New York Times/Siena College poll from March found that 73 percent of registered voters feel Biden is “too old” to serve as an effective president.

Forty-seven percent of people said they strongly agreed that Biden is too old to be an effective president, while 26 percent somewhat agreed. Fourteen percent said that they somewhat disagreed that Biden is too old to be an effective president, while 11 percent said they strongly disagreed.