Yacht Club Games confirms new Shovel Knight is in development

Shovel Knight new game

To cap off its special presentation for Shovel Knight’s 10th anniversary, Yacht Club Games confirmed that a new entry in the series is in development.

Nothing concrete was shared during the presentation. However, we did get to hear a bit about the general visions from Yacht Club’s Sean Velasco.

Velasco said that the new title “honors the legacy” of the series but also provides “groundbreaking, innovating gameplay mechanics.” Rather than just a sequel, it’s “a bold new adventure that will launch Shovel Knight into an entirely new dimensions of gaming” – perhaps a hint that it will be 3D? Fans can look forward to “electrifying action, richer mechanics, and all the timeless charm you expect from a Shovel Knight title.”

If you want to start thinking about the future, Yacht Club actually suggests playing previous titles. The Treasure Trove games, Pocket Dungeon, and Dig all apparently contain “hidden details”. 

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