Street Artist Sabo Mocks Biden and Amal and George Clooney on the Eve of a California Democrat Fundraiser – RedState

There are clear signs that even left-wing bastions like Los Angeles are over Joe Biden. His approval numbers remain in the toilet, and his (mis)handling of aid for Israel in their war with Hamas, as well as his lackluster condemnation of the antisemitic and violent pro-Palestine protests that are rampant across the city, has not been a good look for him; especially to the Jewish communities that are embedded in Los Angeles history and life. But this has not stopped the useful idiots in Hollywood from backing Biden’s re-election with a planned Saturday fundraiser for the star-struck with deep pockets, Hollywood elites, and political allies. However, in the area of town where the fundraiser will be held, one street artist wants another message to be seen, and it’s not favorable to the sitting president or his friends. 

When Jimmy Kimmel interviews President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama at a star-studded fundraiser headlined by actors George Clooney and Julia Roberts on Saturday, a conservative street artist hopes his anti-Hollywood, anti-elitist message also has a platform nearby.

The artist, who goes by the pseudonym Sabo, has peppered the area near the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles with fake ads that criticize Biden and his family, along with Clooney and his wife Amal, a human-rights attorney.

The most provocative piece of art is likely one with an image of Amal Clooney wearing a suicide vest with her right hand clutching a detonator. Included is the verbiage: “Looney Clooney is the bomb.”

Amal Clooney is a supposed human rights lawyer who pours her money and time into important causes like recommending the International Criminal Court issue warrants for the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and funding elections of Democrat and left-wing candidates to positions of power. Hence, Mrs. Clooney’s presence at this Hollywood glitterfest to help her husband, George Clooney, charm, press the flesh, and extract funds from people with too much money and time on their hands.

Sabo told Newsweek that the phony ad is a reference to Amal’s advisory work with the International Criminal Court, which recently recommended that arrest warrants be issued against not only top Hamas officials but also Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant in relation to the ongoing war.

This hearkens back to local boutique Kitson’s skewering the hypocrisy of celebrities and elected leaders in their window displays. This is less about political leanings and more about standing for what is right and matching up your actions with what pours out of your mouth. Sabo is even more brutal in his evisceration of Biden, creatively giving credence to Ashley Biden’s claims in her now-confirmed diary that she took showers with her father, Joe Biden.

But as per usual, it’s not stopping the elites from their support of Biden — and Obama, who will also be in attendance — because Orange Man BAD. Biden is fulfilling his presidential duties by skipping a weekend peace conference on Ukraine in order to be propped up (at this point, literally) by his Hollywood pals. 

Celebrities are increasingly lending their star power to President Joe Biden, hoping to energize their fans to vote for him in November and to entice donors to pony up for his reelection effort.

On Saturday, A-listers George Clooney and Julia Roberts will team up with former President Barack Obama at a Biden fundraiser in Los Angeles, where the three will be interviewed by late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. Roberts and Kimmel have already begun soliciting donations via text for Biden, who is skipping a weekend peace conference on Ukraine being held in Switzerland to attend the event.

Good luck with that. Depending on how well the meds work, what happened with Biden and world leaders at the international commemoration of D-Day, followed by his embarrassing turn at the G7, will more than likely happen with Clooney, Kimmel, and Co.

This bunch deserves all the disasters they will get. There will be lots of cameras around, so look forward to leaked footage of Biden’s mumbles, bumbles, and hand-shaking with his invisible friends.