Return to the glory days of tactical RPGs with Sword of Convallaria

Back on the old Sega Mega Drive, or Genesis depending on where you are, there was a little series of tactical role-playing games called Shining Force, and I adored them. It started a love for this grid-based genre that persisted through the years, and I am sure will continue with Sword of Convallaria launches on mobile next month.

Taking place in the land of Iria, XD Entertainment claims the story will contain a rich storyline that lasts 120 hours. They also state that the narrative will change based on your choices, with player agency being a big part of events. It’s an assertion we have heard for a lot of games, and time will tell just how deeply their choices will run.

Harkening back to those golden days of tactical battles like Final Fantasy Tactics, Convallaria boasts quite beautiful-looking neo-pixel visuals, but the gameplay is anything but old-fashioned. The maps themselves can be as strong a weapon as any blade. Cliffs and boulders will impart buffs and debuffs, forcing you to choose your footing carefully. Lure your foes into danger zones such as strong water, or the ever-popular bottomless abyss, and kick them off for an insta-kill.

You will be able to grow a huge army from a roster of unique companions found at the tavern. Where else? Head to the forge to craft new gear, then send them to the training field to whip them into shape. Only then will you be able to head the created mercenary group Iria has seen, and start sticking your nose into a host of quests from different factions.

We have a confirmed release date of July 31st, but if you just can’t wait that long then there is a final closed beta test commencing June 27th. Unluckily for some, it is only for Android users, so if you have one of them, fill out the form on the official website before June 24th to put your name forward.

Sword of Convallaria is available to pre-register now on the App Store and Google Play.