Conservatives Are Regularly Harassed in Public Because the Leftist Media Gives Its Audience Permission – RedState

Brian Stelter is worried. Very worried. He appeared on CNN to gnash his bleached teeth about a Trump presidency. He channeled Rachel Maddow to lament that he, along with Maddow and others, might end up in Trumpentration Camps where Trump’s media enemies will be forced to work hard labor cleaning Trump’s golden toilets or something. His rant about camps starts at the 5:00 mark. 

I can’t tell you if Stelter actually believes his own buffoonery, but I’m positive that all 12 people who still watch CNN on the regular do. With the delusion comes a sense that anyone who doesn’t worship leftist icons is an enemy of the people and needs to be pushed from the public square. 

There are literally thousands of stories of common people being screamed at for wearing a hat. Nick Sandmann is, without doubt, the most famous MAGA hat wearer who was harassed and maligned for wearing said hat. 

In 2019, a guy named TJ Helmstetter, who describes himself as a “progressive communicator,” walked up to a stranger wearing a MAGA hat and said, “We don’t tolerate racism in this city!” Helmstetter, who looked like 250 lbs of well-chewed bubblegum, was pretty proud of himself. He demanded that the restaurant be boycotted because it “tolerates Trump and Nazis.” His X account is private. Brave man.  

Paloma Zuniga stepped into a San Diego post office wearing a MAGA hat and was instantly berated, called a racist and a “stupid bitch.” Zuniga is Mexican-American. 

Every day Americans wearing clothing that leftists don’t like are called Nazis. Celebrities are treated much worse. Ben Shapiro and Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire require armed protection when they make public appearances. If they venture out and are recognized by nutty leftists, they often are yelled at. I recall Walsh talking about a woman harassing him when he was with his children.

Tomi Lahren is known for her work on Fox News and Fox Business Channels and now is a host on “Outkick.” She hasn’t shied from debate, appearing on Jon Stewart’s Show. She recently appeared on a podcast called “The Skinny Confidential” and talked about the harassment she endures. While in California, she couldn’t go to South Bay hangouts. The South Bay is home to some of the most hardcore leftists in California. Lahren described some pretty awful and violent treatment.  

I can’t go to Santa Monica. I can’t go to West Hollywood. Living in Hermosa Beach, I would go to, like, Tower 12. I had a girl push me up against the wall at Tower 12 and call me a name that starts with C. I mean, this was like a daily thing. I’d have people kick me. I’d have people follow me around the Vons. I mean, it was not good. I’ve had numerous experiences like that. I had people throw water on me and my family when I was in Minneapolis.”

“It really depends on the environment and who I’m with. If I’m with my parents, I mean, that’s just a no go. Just don’t mess with my parents. They didn’t ask for this. They’re small-town people from South Dakota. Why are you throwing water on my mom? Like, what? Does that make sense to do that and scream the F-word at my family? That, to me, is a bridge too far for me personally. I’ve learned not to react, so I don’t react unless I actually have to react. I did a speech about a year and a half ago at the University of New Mexico, and the Swat team had to be called in, and I had to be like taken out in an, like an armored vehicle because the state police and Swat team had to be called in. So those situations, I have to be more mindful of my security. 

Leftists do this because they have been emboldened by nonsense rhetoric propagated by media types like Maddow and Stelter. They’ve been told that people like Sandmann are threats who need to be confronted. I’ve been threatened by faceless and anonymous cowards via email. I have one T-shirt that has a Gadsden snake on the chest. I get ugly looks. The shirt isn’t even a political statement. It’s a coffee company shirt, but leftists see what they want to see.  

Yeah, we’re the problem. No, Stelter, it’s you. But fear not, you’re not going to end up in a Trump camp, if only because it would cost too much to feed you. 

You don’t hate the media enough.