Altered, The Most Funded TCG Kickstarter Ever Is Coming To Retail

In January, the Kickstarter campaign for the Altered TCG went live. This new card game became the most successful card game project ever on the platform, raising over $6.7 million. Now the developers have announced an official Altered TCG retail release.

The Altered TCG Retail announcement

According to a report by ICV2, Asmodee Group will be handling distribution for the Altered TCG retail release. This TCG features a colorful fantasy world. Players build a deck based around one of the setting’s factions, and games are represented not as wizard duels but as fast-paced races across the setting.

Game mats, markets, and standees will be coming as well.

The innovation of the Altered TCG comes from its print-on-demand system for cards. If you own a single copy of a card, that card can be linked to an account in a marketplace app. You can freely and legally print additional copies through this app for a small fee. This right can be traded to other players through the app.

Compared to other TCGs like Magic: The Gathering and the Pokemon TCG, card games that drive engagement through limited prints of cards like Pikachu variants or The One Ring, this is a major departure in business model.

The Altered TCG was designed by Régis Bonnessée (Seasons, Dixit, Fabula), and was developed by French studio Equinox. The distribution of the game through Asmodee Group is part of an exclusive global distribution partnership that was announced in November 2023.

The Altered TCG retail release will be broken into two SKUs. The first SKU is booster displays. Each booster display will contain 36 packs. Each pack contains 12 cards. On average, each display will contain 36 hero cards, 288 commons, 100 rares, and 4 or 5 unique cards. These displays will be sold at an MSRP of $143.64.

The second SKU is starter deck displays. These displays will contain six different faction decks. Each deck contains 40 cards, a rule leaflet, 5 adventure cards, 2 reminder cards, a foil card, and some markers. The starter deck display will be sold at an MSRP of $89.94.

The Altered TCG retail release date is September 13. The booster displays, starter deck displays, and several themed accessories can be pre-ordered from Asmodee’s store page.