iOS 18 ‘Send Later’: How to schedule texts on iPhone

iOS 18’s new Send Later feature now lets you schedule texts. The ability to schedule texts on iPhone isn’t necessarily new. For example, you can use the Shortcuts app to program the device to schedule texts. However, with the new Send Later feature, sending texts at a later date is now easier than ever.

iOS 18 isn’t officially out yet, but you can test the feature via the iOS 18 developer beta version that is currently available as of this writing.


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iOS 18 ‘Send Later’: How to schedule texts on iPhone

As mentioned at the outset, you must update your iPhone to iOS 18 by installing the developer beta. Keep in mind, however, that this is an unrefined version. As such, you may experience some bugginess. If you still want to install the developer beta, make sure you use iPhone backup.

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Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s how to schedule texts on iPhone via Send Later.

  1. Go to Messages.

  2. Choose an existing thread or compose a new message.

  3. Hit the “+” button.

  4. Hit “More.”

  5. Tap on “Send Later.”

  6. Tap on the blue rectangle and choose the date and time for the scheduled message.

  7. Type in your message in the “Send Later” field.

  8. Hit the blue arrow button.

Your message is now scheduled to send at your chosen designated time. You no longer have to worry about forgetting to send a birthday text to Aunt Bertha — as long as you remember to use the Send Later feature.