Wednesday Morning Minute – RedState

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Biden Still Thinks He Can Win a Civil War

There is no scenario where Biden wins a civil war, and he should wipe that smirk off his face when discussing it.

Compromised Before Voting Begins: Anatomy of a Ballot Harvest

By tracing the electoral process backward, from the final vote count to voter registration, it is possible to pinpoint potential manipulation points.

UPDATE: Hamas Rejects Biden’s Deal; Blinken Admits ‘Miracle’ Deal Is Copy of Hamas Proposal

This war could have already been over with strong, decisive action.


Today on Capitol Hill…

We’re back to a busy day Wednesday on the Hill, with multiple meetings and hearings set. Here’s a sampling:

  • House Education and the Workforce — “NLRB Overreach: Trampling on Workers’ Rights and Fostering Unfairness”
  • House Financial Services — Oversight of the FDIC’s Failed Leadership and Toxic Workplace Culture
  • House Foreign Affairs — Great Power Competition in the Western Hemisphere
  • Senate Budget — Hearings to examine making Wall Street pay its fair share, focusing on raising revenue and strengthening our economy. (Side note: I’ve gotten so I can tell which chamber is holding a given hearing just based on the title alone.)
  • Senate Judiciary — Hearings to examine combatting the youth vaping epidemic by enhancing enforcement against illegal e-cigarettes
  • House Judiciary — Climate Control: Decarbonization Collusion in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investing
  • House Transportation and Infrastructure — “Amtrak and Intercity Passenger Rail Oversight: Promoting Performance, Safety, and Accountability”
  • House Judiciary — The U.S. Intellectual Property System and the Impact of Litigation Financed by Third-Party Investors and Foreign Entities
  • Senate Judiciary — Hearings to examine abortion bans and interstate travel for care after Dobbs
  • Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions — Hearings to examine building our critical minerals workforce

White House What’s Up

After an impromptu trip to Wilmington, Delaware, to be with First Felon Son Hunter following his conviction on gun charges Tuesday, President Joe Biden will be heading off to Brindisi, Italy, on Wednesday for a three-day G7 meeting. 

Full Court Press…

Well, we’re done with Hunter’s gun trial in record time, and his sentencing and tax trial are a ways off. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is still on trial for corruption in the Southern District of New York, where, apparently, the prosecution’s “star witness” faced a grilling by the defense on Tuesday. 


I have to admit: I was wrong about the verdict in Hunter Biden’s case. I felt certain there would, at most, be a hung jury, if not an outright acquittal. Even with the overwhelming evidence and the rather dubious defense put on by Abbe Lowell (who, in fairness, didn’t have much to work with). It does make me wonder at the strategy: Was this pure Biden hubris? A miscalculation? Or part of the plan all along? I can’t rule out either.