The Division 2 Year 6 Season 1 Kicks off on June 11, Brings New Seasonal Progression System and Story Content

Ubisoft has announced Year 6, Season 1 of The Division 2. Dubbed First Rogue, the season will be kicking things off on June 11. A second video for The Division 2 Year 6 further details Ubisoft’s plans for the game going forward, including the fact that there will be three seasons planned for the year. Check out both of the videos below.

One of the biggest additions to The Division 2 in the new season will be a new story that revolves around Division Agents being sent out to track down Agent Kelso. Players will also have to figure out the motivations of Aaron Keener and track him down.

The season also brings with it new endgame and seasonal progression, and removes the need for players to have bought the game’s Warlods of New York expansion to be able to hit the level 40 cap. All players will be able to hit the level cap now, and in the process, start getting access to endgame activities, challenges, and loot.

Moving forward, starting  from Year 6, Season 2 of The Division 2, the game will make use of a new endgame progression system through something Ubisoft refers to as Seasons 2.0. The progression system will allow players to create and play season-specific characters, encouraging players to experiment with different builds and abilities.

Seasonal characters will start at level 1 in each season, and players will be able to take part in various activities and missions to level up all the way to 40. At end of each season, seasonal characters added to a player’s roster of characters, with all progression and rewards making the jump as well.

Year 6 of The Division 2 will also be bringing with it a new take on the game’s Manhunts system. Rather than targets and lieutenants, players can instead now find new scouts on a weekly basis. Each scout will need players to take on different challenges as they make progress through the season.

Players will also be able to take on Climax Missions in a new difficulty—Master. The new difficulty will offer up new conclusions for each seasons, both in terms of gameplay, as well as rewards that players will get for completing them. Master difficulty missions are designed for groups of 4 players.

Between seasons 2 and 3 of The Division 2’s Year 6, the game is also set to get a new DLC, which will bring with it a whole new story. The DLC is scheduled for early 2025.

Meanwhile, The Division 2 is also getting a free weekend between June 13 and 17, where new players will be able to try the game out.