Core Keeper Trailer Showcases Upcoming Update 1.0 Features

During the PC Gaming Show 2024, developer Pugstorm and publisher Fireshine Games have revealed the new content that will be coming to Core Keeper when it leaves Early Access on PC and consoles on August 27.

One of the biggest features coming to Core Keeper with its 1.0 update is PvP, as well as other features like a revamped world generation system, as well as a new biome to explore in the form of The Passage. There are also the Mage and Warlock builds that players can unlock, along with a host of new skill trees, equipment, enemies, and other content.

The PvP functionality of Core Keeper can be toggled on or off directly from the pause menu. Players will also be able to assign specific teams for each players, which could potentially result in larger team-oriented skirmishes breaking out.

Having spent quite some time in Early Access, Core Keeper has been quite successful. Pugstorm had announced that the game had sold more than 2 million copies on Steam throughout its Early Access period back when it announced the game’s console release.