Bid farewell to Penacony as Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.3 launches June 19th

Penacony has been a story of twists, exciting new characters, and strong allies, and soon Honkai: Star Rail will be finishing it with a bang. Version 2.3, fittingly titled Farewell Penacony, will be launching June 19th and will feature updates to the Simulated Universe, and the arrival of a much-anticipated recruit.

Following the exciting events of the last story patch, the Charmony Festival, and by extension The Family’s reputation, is utterly ruined. Besides the Oak Family, the other major lineages are preparing to pick up the pieces and navigate the aftermath. As always, the Trailblazer will be invited to witness these talks aboard the Radiant Feldspar.

You will also find Origami Birds nesting onboard the ship, introducing a new arcade-style mini-game. You will need to achieve elimination in a set number of moves to increase the bird’s Combat Power. Excitingly, not only will there be Story Challenges to tackle, but you can also battle friends across the universe.

Mr Screwllum will also return with a new project inside the Simulated Universe, called the Divergent Universe. Players’ Equilibrium Level Cap will automatically increase during this, so anyone can take on the challenge. There are also some new features to tackle, including the Equation mechanic, in which combining buffs from different Paths will grant a new combat ability.

To take on this new mode you will need help, and it comes in the form of Star Rails worst-kept secret. Firefly will finally debut as a five-star Fire Type and features two forms with the help of SAM. Using her Skill consumes HP but replenishes her Ultimate, which when used puts her in the Complete Combustion state. This offers stronger attacks, and an increase in Speed, Weakness Break, and Break Damage.

Our second new character is the five-star Quantum-type Jade, one of the Ten Stonehearts. Using her skills as a moneylender, her Skill marks an ally as her Debt Collector. When they are Jade attacks Charges are built, and when the gauge fills, Jade unleashes a follow-up attack against all enemies. Along with these two new heroes, Ruan Mei and Argenti will also return to the summoning pool in 2.3.

Honkai: Star Rail is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.