Japanese horror game Slitterhead launches in November

Japanese developer Bokeh Game Studio have announced a release date for Slitterhead, their new horror game for multiple platforms.

Slitterhead is launching on November 8th for Windows PC (via Steam and the Epic Games Store), Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

Here’s a brief blurb on the previously announced game, plus some new gameplay:

Set in the densely cluttered streets of “Kowlong,” filled with obscurity and chaos, this battle action-adventure game casts players as the “Hyoki,” an entity devoid of memory and physical form. His only motive is to eradicate the monstrous beings known as “Slitterheads” crawling around the city, disguising themselves as humans.

Roaming the vibrant neon-lit cityscape, players must seek out allies among humans known as “Rarities,” infiltrate and track dangerous organizations, and engage in battles harnessing the power of blood. As the suspenseful drama unfolds, delve into the mystery behind Hyoki’s existence and the appearance of the Slitterheads.