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Can’t find the Haki scroll? Use this Fruit Seas Scroll Locations guide! I’ve written down each spawn point for the scroll, but remember that it’s random, so you may have to travel around until you find it.

Hop on over to the Fruit Seas Roblox page to begin your scroll hunt! While you’re here, why not have a read of our Fruit Seas Weapon Tier List and our Fruit Seas Island Level guide?

Fruit Seas Scroll Locations

That pesky Alphirex has told you to find his missing scroll, right? If you’re trying to unlock your Haki (particularly, your Armament Haki), you’ll have to find the scroll before you do so. This scroll contains the ‘Ancient Arts’ according to Alphirex, so you better find it soon! If you haven’t spoken to Alphirex yet, you can find him in the Jungle, near Abu and behind a rock.

Oh, and it’s best to keep in mind that he’s located behind a not-so-secret invisible wall – look for a section on the rock that looks a little darker than the rest. You should only be looking for this Haki Scroll if your character is currently level 60+, as the Jungle is a level 60 to 100 area.

Where to Find the Scroll

Here are the possible spawn points for Alphirex’s scroll! You can either hop across each island, or join new servers in the hopes that it appears in your current location.

  • Shell Town
    • The lowest level area that the scroll can spawn in (levels 1 to 25)
    • You can find the scroll at the top of a blue building
  • Windmill Village
    • Appropriate for players who are levels 1 to 35
    • Head over to the Bandit Leader, look for the nearby cave, and walk inside
      • The scroll is somewhere inside the cave!
  • Orange Town
    • Most suitable for players who are between the levels of 35 to 60
    • Look for the tall wooden tower in Orange Town, and climb up to the top – the scroll has a chance to spawn here!
  • Jungle
    • Arguably the best place for the scroll to spawn into, as you don’t need to travel anywhere after speaking to Alphirex
    • Head to the Dojo Teacher who stands on a small cliff
      • The scroll should be somewhere on the floor by this NPC
  • Baratie
    • The highest level area that the scroll has a chance to spawn into (levels 100 to 150)
    • When you’ve made it onto the Baratie, you need to walk up to the second floor
      • The Haki Scroll will spawn somewhere on this floor