Branch Riders TTRPG Coming To Kickstarter

Fans of tabletop gaming can agree the hobby has therapeutic qualities. It is an inherently social and creative hobby that requires trust between players for catharsis and thrills. Enter The Bodhana Group with their first original TTRPG project, Branch Riders.

The Branch Riders TTRPG Kickstarter

According to an official press release, Branch Riders is a narrative TTRPG developed by The Bodhana Group. They are a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and training people in tabletop gaming in therapeutic and clinical practices.

Whereever you go, there you are.

What sets Branch Riders apart from other TTRPGs is its eight-realm setting. Each realm is based on different genres (fantasy, sci-fi, superhero, etc.). The game is designed to satisfy players of any age or level of experience and facilitate immersive storytelling.

In Branch Riders, you play as someone from one of these eight realms. They are also a special agent dedicated to defending the realms from a force called The Blight. You bring your courage, talents, and gifts from your home into these realms alongside other players.

But these agents must face The Blight in secret. The people of the realms do not know other realms exist, let alone The Blight or Branch Riders themselves.

The game features a simple three-dice pool system with narrative resolution. You decide your Approach, followed by your Technique, then roll the corresponding dice. The dice can range from a d4 to a d12. Roll a 4 or higher and you succeed. The game will feature multiple Approaches and Techniques at character creation, allowing for multiple combinations.

The third die is determined by the Exposure Tracker. This tracker shows the level of danger the players are in. Depending on the situation, the type of die may change for skill rolls. Condition cards track damage in the game. These conditions include Depleted, Hurt, Weakened, Prepared, or Encouraged.

The Kickstarter campaign for Branch Riders will launch June 11. The campaign will include several stretch goals, including making your own Blights and Gifts. The game will be published by Onyx Path Publishing, the same company behind Exalted, Pugmire, and Scion.