Marvel Rivals Has Been Wishlisted by Over 1 Million People

You can never be too sure that a newly announced multiplayer shooter is going to be able to get too much eyes on itself, especially given the level of competition that exists in that particular space, but Marvel Rivals has certainly done a good job of making its presence known. The Marvel license has obviously helped out greatly, but ever since its announcement earlier in the year, NetEase’s 6v6 hero shooter has also looked genuinely promising in its own right.

That has also been reflected the number of wishlishts the game has attracted so far. Taking to Twitter, NetEase Games recently confirmed that Marvel Rivals has crossed 1 million wishlists on Steam, wich should give you a solid idea of what level of anticipation the game is generating.

As recently announced by NetEase, Marvel Rivals will also be coming to consoles in addition to PC, while a closed beta is also coming in July. The company confirms that the beta will include all platforms, feature cross-play support, and allow you to play as more characters. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.