Best Nintendo Switch deal: Get $35 off a new Nintendo Switch OLED

SAVE $35: As of June 4, get the Nintendo Switch OLED at Woot for $314.99, $35 off its normal price of $349.99. That’s a discount of 10%.

Seven years after its debut, the Nintendo Switch keeps on trucking. There will be a new version on the horizon soon enough, but for now, you’ve got plenty of time left to enjoy the console before the next one drops. If you still don’t have one, a Nintendo Switch OLED is the way to go, and you can currently get one on sale right now in all its vibrant glory.

As of June 4, get a Nintendo Switch OLED for just $314.99 at Woot. That’s $35 off its normal price of $349.99 and a discount of 10%. This is a new model and not refurbished, as Woot often offers up.


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The Nintendo Switch OLED has a larger, 7-inch OLED screen, as its name implies, with brighter and more vivid colors than the original Switch. It comes with 64GB of internal storage (double the 32GB in the standard Switch), and an improved kickstand for you to play in Tabletop Mode when not handheld or docked to a TV. It also boasts better audio with its built-in speakers, so you can get great sound even when playing without headphones.

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Whether this is your first Switch or an upgrade to the one (or multiple) you already have, this is a good deal as the OLED doesn’t go on sale often. It’s worth scooping up while it’s up for grabs at this price, especially with such a massive Switch library available to dive into.