Watch Everything Announced from AMD Keynote at Computex 2024 – Video

Speaker 1: Welcome to everyone joining us today in Taipei and from around the world as we open Compex 2024 at A MD. We love gaming. Today I’m excited to show you what’s next for PC gaming with ryzen. Our new Ryzen 9,000 CPUs are the world’s fastest consumer PC processors bringing our new Zen five core to the AM five platform. With support for the latest IO and memory technologies, including PCIE five [00:00:30] and DDR five, I’m happy to show you now our brand new Z five Core Zen five is actually the next big step in high performance CPUs. And when you look at the technology behind this, we have so much new technology. We have a new parallel dual pipeline front end, and what this does is it improves branch prediction accuracy and reduces latency. It also enables us to deliver much more performance for every clock cycle. We also designed Zen [00:01:00] five with a wider CPU engine and instruction window to run more instructions in parallel for leadership, compute, throughput and efficiency. As a result, compared to Zen four, we get double the instruction bandwidth, double the data bandwidth between the and floating point unit and double the AI performance with full AV X five 12 throughput. All of this comes together in the product in RISE in 9,000 series and we’re delivering an average of 16% higher IPC [00:01:30] across a broad range of application benchmarks and games compared to Zen four.

Speaker 1: So now let me show you the top of the line rising 9 99, 50 x for the very first time. There you go.

Speaker 1: We have 16 Zen five cores, 32 threads up to 5.67 gigahertz boost, [00:02:00] a large 80 megabyte cache at 170 watt TDP. This is the fastest consumer CPU in the world. We know all of our fans love gaming. The 99 50 x delivers best in class gaming performance across a wide range of popular games. Now with desktops, we know that enthusiasts want to have an infrastructure that let you upgrade across multiple product generations. And we’re with Verizon. We’ve done just [00:02:30] that. Our original Ryzen platform socket AM four launched in 2016 and now we’re approaching the ninth year and we have 145 CPUs and apus across 11 different product families in Socket AM four. And we’re actually still launching new products. We actually have a few ryzen 5,000 CPUs that are coming next month, and we’re taking this exact same strategy with Socket AM five, which we now plan on supporting through 2027 and beyond. [00:03:00] So you’re going to see AM five processors from us for many, many years to come. Now in addition to the top of the stack rising 99 50 x, we’re also announcing the 12, eight and six core versions that will bring the leadership performance of Zen five to mainstream price points and all of these go on sale in July.

Speaker 1: We’re so excited to announce today our third gen rise in AI processors. Our news rise in AI [00:03:30] series actually is a significant increase in compute and AI performance and sets the bar for what a copilot PC should do. Thank you, drew. Here we go. This is STRs. strix is our next generation processor for ultra thin and premium notebooks, and it combines our new N five CPU faster RDNA 3.5 [00:04:00] graphics and the new XD NNA two NPU. Thank you.

Speaker 1: And when you look at what we have, it really is all of the best technology on one chip. We have a new NPU that delivers an industry leading 50 tops. We’re going to talk about tops a lot today. 50 tops of compute that can power new AI experiences at very low power. We have our new N five core [00:04:30] that enables all of the compute performance for ULTRATHIN notebooks and we have faster RDNA 3.5 graphics that really brings the best in class application acceleration as well as console level gaming to notebooks. Now we have a couple of skews. The flagship risen nine, HX three 70 has 12 and five cores, 24 threads, 36 megabytes of cash. The industry’s most integrated NPU and our latest RDNA graphics. strix is simply the best [00:05:00] mobile CPU. So lemme talk a little bit about what’s special in this new NPUN PS are really new and they’re really there for all of these AI applications and workloads.

Speaker 1: Now compared to our prior generation XD A two features a large array of 32 AI tiles with double the multitasking performance. It’s also an extremely efficient architecture that delivers up to two times better energy efficiency of our prior generation when running [00:05:30] gen AI workloads. In addition to Microsoft, we’re also working with all of the leading software developers, including Adobe, epic Games, SolidWorks, Sony, zoom, and many others to accelerate the adoption of AI enabled PC apps. And by the end of 2024, we’re on track to have more than 150 ISVs developing for a MD AI platforms across content creation, consumer gaming and productivity applications. Now to give [00:06:00] us a look at some of these upcoming copilot plus PCs, let me welcome our next guest, a very close partner and good friend Enrique Lores, HP president and CEO. Hello. Hello.

Speaker 2: And we are incredibly excited about the new family of products we will be launching in a few weeks because

Speaker 1: I think you have something to show us. Is that right? Okay. I hope so.

Speaker 2: And this is actually the new [00:06:30] generation since we have done together, we can show it together. That’s wonderful. This is the next generation omni book when we integrate the latest recent AI 300 series that, as Lisa was saying before, will be the first product that will have 50 tops integrated in the device. And performance, as Pavin was saying, is critical because will [00:07:00] enable us to continue to deliver incredible experiences to our customers.

Speaker 1: Let’s welcome Luca Rossi, president of Lenovo Intelligent Devices Group. Now Luca, you’ve been holding something and I think you’re going to show us what it is. Is that right?

Speaker 3: Well, I wasn’t supposed to even show this yet since this is something we will not announce until later this year, but Lisa, you are right. I felt it is just too exciting [00:07:30] to you look

Speaker 1: Very happy actually.

Speaker 3: Yeah, very happy. So straight from our r and d, straight from our r and d lab. This is the first ever sneak peek at our new yoga laptop powered by third gen rising ai. That’s

Speaker 1: Beautiful.

Speaker 3: Maybe we want to do left and right. Yeah, so I [00:08:00] can share more for today. I can can. That’s very beautiful. Thank you. I can tell you this device represent a significant leap forward in next generation AI computing will include some of the Lenovo exclusive IP AI features that I mentioned and this is just the beginning.

Speaker 1: Next, I’d like to welcome one of the most important visionaries and innovators in the Taiwan ecosystem and a very, very close partner Johnny she chairman of Jesus.

Speaker 4: [00:08:30] I think later today at 4:00 PM we’ll be unveiling a range of cutting edge IPCs across our portfolio with brand new Zen Book pro art. We book a stuff and IG laptops powered by the third gen A MD rising AI processors. These new land labs are equipped with the world’s most powerful MPU with 50 tops [00:09:00] and the superior MB xFi architecture that leads the industry in compute and AI performance. The third gen rising AI processor is the catalyst to bring in personalized computing to everyone from content creators to gamers and business professionals and empowering them like never before. This advancement give the new handbook higher AI performance than MacBook [00:09:30] while making it thinner and lighter as well. Actually is so proud and honored to be the first OEM partner to make the third gen rising AI systems available to consumers. It will be ready for purchase in July. Isn’t that incredible? Thank you.

Speaker 1: So I have something to show you today. It’s actually the preview of our upcoming fifth gen Epic processor code named turn.

Speaker 1: [00:10:00] So please take a look at turn for the very first time turn. Features 192 cores and 384 threads and has 13 different chips built in three and six nanometer process technology. There’s a lot of technology on Turin. It supports all the latest memory and IO standards and is a drop in replacement for our existing [00:10:30] fourth gen Epic platforms Turn will extend Epic’s leadership in general purpose and high performance computing workloads. So let’s take a look at some of that performance. namd is a very compute intensive scientific software that simulates complex molecular systems and structures. When simulating a 20 million at a model, A 128 core version of Turin is more than three times faster than the competition’s best, enabling researchers to more quickly complete models [00:11:00] that can lead to breakthroughs in drug research, material science, and other fields. Now Turin also excels at AI inferencing performance when running smaller large language models.

Speaker 1: So I want to show you a demo here. Now. What this demo compares is the performance of Turin when running a typical enterprise deployment of LAMA two virtual assistant with a minimum guarantee latency to ensure a high quality user experience. Both servers begin by loading multiple LAMA two instances [00:11:30] with each assistant being asked to summarize an upload a document right away you can see that the turn server on the right is adding double the number of sessions in the same amount of time while responding to user requests significantly faster than the competition. And while the other server reaches a maximum number of sessions, you’ll see it stop soon. It basically can’t support the latency requirements anymore. Turn continues scaling and delivers a sustained throughput [00:12:00] of nearly four times more tokens per second. Our customers are super excited about turn and I know many of our partners are actually here in the audience today. And I want to say we’re on track to launch in the second half of this year. Thank you for being such a great audience and have a great Compex 2024. Thank you.

Speaker 5: Thank.