5 Big Sales Remain in 2024: Everything You Need to Know to Prepare

For budget-conscious shoppers, it all comes down to finding the best deals. Memorial Day has come and gone, but it serves as the starting point for the biggest shopping and sales events of 2024. If you didn’t get to grab everything on your wish list, don’t fret. There are several other opportunities for you to cash in major savings, and it only gets bigger from here. Independence Day is just around the corner, and Amazon has also confirmed that the massively popular Amazon Prime Day sale is returning in July.

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Planning for these big sales is a great way to save on products you’re already eyeing for summer and fall. For big-ticket items like mattresses, furniture, major appliances or an updated entertainment system, knowing when the big deals are coming can help you save hundreds of dollars.

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Even when it comes to smaller purchases or those delicious impulse buys (like this espresso maker my colleague Katie Teague swears by), tracking your wish list and keeping an eagle eye on deals across retailers and shopping events can help those savings add up. 

I expect we’ll see Fourth of July deals to begin to drop a little ahead of the official holiday, but my team of professional dealhounds and I will be rounding up the best deals as savings opportunities arise closer to the big day. In the meantime, let’s break down the landscape of major shopping events to expect for the remainder of the year, so you can get planning. 

All the remaining major sales and deals of 2024

When planning, you’ll want to keep the year’s biggest sales at the forefront of your mind. Different items hit low prices at different times. We’ve broken down what to expect through the rest of the year and have highlighted the best time to snag certain types of products.

Fourth of July: Expect to find deals on major appliances like washing machines, refrigerators and ranges, as well as top tech, furniture and summer essentials during the Fourth of July holiday. 

Amazon Prime Day: The first Prime Day event of the year takes place in July and usually has discounts across every category, including tech, everyday essentials and school supplies. You’ll also find deals on some of Amazon’s own devices, including smart speakers and displays, security cameras, tablets and everyday essentials. This is a Prime-exclusive sale, meaning you’ll need a membership to shop. You can access the sale without a Prime subscription. 

Labor Day: During the fall event, you’ll find end-of-season sales on patio furniture, grills, yard tools and gardening supplies, summer apparel, laptops, TVs and mattresses.

Amazon Prime Day 2: Amazon has launched a Prime Day-like event in the fall for a few years and we anticipate this trend will continue, offering deals on major electronics and home goods leading up to the holiday sales season. Multiple retailers including Best Buy, Target and Walmart have also started launching early deals to compete with Amazon.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: What used to be two different shopping events has undergone a transformation over the years and has now morphed into a weeklong event of incredible deals for shoppers looking for discounts on everything from TVs, video game consoles, laptops and other top tech to apparel, fitness equipment, home goods, small appliances, toys and more, both online and in-store. Check out our guide on the pros and cons of doing your Black Friday shopping online or in person. Additionally, be sure to familiarize yourself with major retailers’ holiday return policies when you’re buying gifts for others, just in case. 

Even the best of us bargain hunters can’t always plan everything out in advance. If you do run up against shipping deadlines, especially during the holiday season, you can use options like in-store pickup to ensure you get your hands on those last-minute buys in time. 

How to make sure you’re getting the best deals

While everyone loves getting a good deal, it can be hard to know which deals are a steal and which are just marketed as one. We’ve got the scoop on everything from expert advice to price comparison tools that can help you stay informed and verify deals without spending a ton of time researching on your own.

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Sign up for the CNET Deals newsletter: If you want to stay up to date on all of the best deals and savings opportunities throughout the year, including major shopping events, our deals newsletter is a great place to start. 

Also, keep abreast of the most current deals by following live event coverage through CNET’s live blogs, where we will round up the best live deals and update according to price fluctuations and availability, as some deals are only available for a very limited window of time. 

Shopping tips to make the most of internet sales

Money is a finite resource, and finding the balance between spending and saving can be a challenge. Here are some shopping tips that can help you get the things you need while holding onto more of your cash. 

Plan to shop major shopping events: If you’re looking for ways to save cash on big-ticket items, your best bet will often be to shop during major shopping events throughout the year. Often retailers will compete with one another, which may drive down the price of popular items. Some of the best shopping events of the year center around three-day weekends or other annual events and holidays. Keeping a calendar of upcoming days can help remind you to look for price cuts or take time to shop when the deals are likely to be the highest. Being prepared can help you score doorbusters before they sell out. Signing up for some of the services mentioned above can also help you track these dates. 

Set a budget before the event: While it can be exciting to find a surprise deal on something you didn’t expect, be aware of your spending habits. Budget for the things you would definitely like to have, and go ahead and set aside a little cushion in your budget for those impulse buys that may crop up. As you shop, be sure to keep track of your spending so that you stick to your maximum spending allowance. It’s never fun to be in a bind from overspending.

Look for ways to skip shipping fees: Multiple retailers offer ways to save on shipping, whether that’s a minimum cost threshold, a membership perk (check out these little-known Amazon Prime perks) or even taking advantage of in-store or curbside pickup. By taking the time to find ways to skip shipping costs, you’ll ensure that the savings you earn stay in your pocket instead of getting absorbed into costly shipping and handling fees.

Check for extra savings opportunities: Sometimes you can find additional coupons or promo codes to maximize your savings. You can also become a member for added perks at many retailers. Some cost money to join, like the My Best Buy Plus and Total tiers, but others may be free to join and still offer exclusive rewards, benefits or discounts that make it worth signing up.

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