Supercell’s hotly anticipated Squad Busters finally has its global release

If you’ve ever picked up a mobile, even without looking at an App storefront, you will have heard of Supercell, the massive company behind Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, and Clash Royale. Now, the catalogue grows as Squad Busters prepares to take up the exam prep time for thousands of gamers across the world.

As a testament to just how much money the Clash series rakes in, Squad Busters’ release came complete with a jam-packed chain of commercials including Community’s Ken Jeong, Marvel’s Chris Hemsworth, and the iconic Wednesday Addams, Christina Ricci. Directed by Jody Hill, they show what would happen if the Squad Busters came to life.

As you may expect, the answer is lunacy. Some poor guy is awoken by an excited Chicken played by Jeong, and finds himself surrounded by five characters from the series; Barbarian King, a Witch, a lumberjack, and shotgun Shelly. They follow our forlorn protagonist to job interviews, a toilet break, and belt out a rendition of Nickelbacks’ How You Remind Me on a drive.

Squad Busters will throw players into the maws of ten-person multiplayer matches. There you will be tasked with recruiting a squad across four-minute rounds to conquer your rivals and gain the most gems. Characters from across the storied Supercell universe will be popping up to join your team, so keep your eyes peeled for your favourites. And don’t worry if you are new to gaming, Squad Busters was designed for both casual and hardcore players.

It has been five long years since Supercell released a new game, and the fanfare is equal to the occasion. Squad Busters became the fastest mobile game to supposedly reach 40 million pre-registrations, the number may include downloads in markets where the game has been available since April 25th. Either way, it’s feeding a hungry audience.

Squad Busters is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play.