Osseous has a bone to pick with you as the latest Rex Matriarch lands in Runescape

We recently quelled the immense threat brought about by Zemouregal and the giant dragon Vorkath in Runescape, and you might think that earnt adventurers a little break, but no. Instead, Jagex has decided it is time to face off against an equally big and deadly Dinosaur in their latest update to the classic RPG.

You might remember adventuring to Anachronia and then stumbling into a certain lair, and if you do, you were probably immediately eaten by the trio of Rex Matriarchs; Orikalka, Rathis, and Pthentraken. Well, soon you will be meeting a forth, Osseous, but with a simple twist, it is already dead.

Looking like something that belongs in a museum, this skeletal monstrosity is unleashing hell in the Lair with its wicked tail slams and army of tiny dinosaurs, but you have the upper hand thanks to your study of Necromancy. Yes, it is another piece of content designed to shove Runescapes newest combat style down your gullet.

If you are brave enough to tackle this quest then you may find yourself coming away with quite a bounty of rewards. Chief amongst this trove is a new NEcormancy wings which can help its wearer gain Necrosis stacks. You will also welcome a new Boss pet, title, and you can help liberate three adorable baby dino pets. Just watch your ankles around them.

In order to tackle this imposing new foe, you will first have to complete the Osseous Rex quest, started in Anacronia. Head to the Base Camp and speak to the seemingly calm archaeologist. Then, simply complete a short mission of the usual running around variety and you are all set. That is, provided you have the required 70 levels in Necromancy and 30 in Archaeology.

Runescape is available to download in the App Store and Google Play.