Robert De Niro Trolls Trump as Hush-Money Trial Verdict Nears

Renowned actor-turned-social justice activist Robert De Niro offered choice words outside Manhattan Criminal Court on Tuesday during closing remarks for Trump’s hush-money trial, cutting through the haze of the clownshow of Trump supporters to remind everyone that New Yorkers have always hated Donald Trump—with new stakes making that stance a necessity nationwide.

“Donald Trump doesn’t belong in my city,” De Niro said to a gaggle of press cameras. “We New Yorkers used to tolerate him when he was just another grubby real estate hustler masquerading as a big shot. A two-bit playboy lying his way into the tabloids. He’s a clown.”

“We’ve forgotten the lessons of history that showed us other clowns who weren’t taken seriously until they became vicious dictators,” De Niro added. “With Trump we have a second chance, and no one is laughing now. This is the time to stop him by voting him out once and for all.”

The acting titan was tapped by the Biden-Harris campaign to deliver remarks outside the Trump trial, according to Rolling Stone, and was repeatedly interrupted and accosted by Capitol riot participants.

“It is a coward’s violence,” De Niro said of Trump’s incitement of the January 6th Capitol riot. “You think Trump ever threw a punch himself? Or took one? He hid in the White House bunker with protestors outside. He directs the mob to do his dirty work for him.”

De Niro praised Capitol police officers Michael Fanone and Harry Dunn for their efforts to beat back the mob of rabid Trump supporters, but was interrupted by a far-right activist who participated in the January 6th Capitol riot falsely claiming Fanone and Dunn lied under oath.

“I don’t even know how to deal with you, my friend,” De Niro laughed. Following his remarks, Capitol riot attendees and far-right grifters accosted the legendary actor. “We are trying to be gentlemen in this world,” De Niro shot back. “The Democrats are trying to be gentlemen. You are gangsters. Fuck you.”

The courthouse has been a beacon for political stooges dressed like Trump, far-right fans, and counterprotesters showing up to spoil their PR stunts amid Trump’s hush-money trial, which entered into closing remarks on Tuesday with jury deliberations beginning as soon as Wednesday.