My Favorite Sunrise Alarm Clock From Hatch Is $30 Cheaper This Memorial Day

Memorial Day sales are in full swing, and there are sizable discounts on all kinds of products. This is the one that sleep aficionados should check out. If you’re looking for ways to optimize your shut-eye, you should grab the Hatch Restore 2. This alarm clock has greatly improved my night and morning routines, and I honestly don’t know why it took me so long to get one. There’s no better time than this Memorial Day to invest in a product that enhances your mornings and sets the tone for each day, and $30 off makes the Restore 2 an even better buy than it already is at full price.

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The Hatch Restore 2 isn’t just any ordinary alarm clock; it’s a small oasis of tranquility. It gently wakes you up with a simulated sunrise and soothing sounds. This device is a sound machine, a sunrise alarm clock and a nighttime routine saver all in one. Since I’ve been using the Hatch Restore, my room has become phone-free at night, and boy, have I noticed a difference in my energy levels when I wake up.

How I use the Hatch Restore 2

Using this sunrise alarm clock is straightforward. You connect your device to the Hatch Sleep app. From there, you choose when to wake up with your preferred sound and light setting. You can choose from 13 different alarm sounds, ranging from meditative flutes to morning birds to ocean shores, and four different light hue settings, from dark pink to bright orange and yellow (you can also create a custom sunrise light).

View of the Hatch Restore App

Screenshot: Nasha Addarich Martínez/CNET

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The Hatch Restore 2 now offers an even greater value, having been reduced from $200 to $170. This isn’t a Memorial Day exclusive deal, but the price reduction couldn’t have come at a better time. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your morning routine or looking for a great gift for a loved one, the Hatch Restore is a great investment in quality sleep.