Steel Seed – Zoe’s dystopian sci-fi world

Steel Seed, from the Italian Storm in a Teacup, arriving in the 2024. Below is all the latest information on the title

Steel Seed

Today we’re talking about Steel Seed, a game in production by the Italians at Storm in a Teacup. It’s a narrative-based stealth action game taking place in a dystopian and sci-fi world. Steel Seed should arrive in the late 2024, and has no real release date yet. Assuming that all efforts and focus are dedicated to development without wanting to run into rushed dates and head shots.  

But what exactly do we know about Steel Seed? Find out with us in the next paragraphs…

Zoe and Koby’s journey

In Steel Seed we play with a dynamic duo: Zoe, our protagonist and Koby, her small yet essential travel companion in this world dominated by AI. We follow their exploits in an immense underground structure built to preserve human civilization after a major climate catastrophe. Zoe ventures into hostile territory in search of her missing father.

Although the title is a single-player adventure, among the many options we will have there will be the control of Koby. Thanks to him, we will be able to reach and activate special switches that will allow Zoe to continue her adventure in the superstructure. Each level will be a unique environment, with increasing difficulty. The mechanics that will challenge players are also unique, ranging from movement/coordination skills to puzzle solving. All the while, dangers and hostile machines hinder us in every way. We will be able to choose how to approach each encounter. Furthermore, we will unlock skills and tools that influence our play style.

Steel Seed - Zoe and Koby's journey

Zoe can use bait to attract enemies, but be careful how and when you use them, otherwise the enemies will get you. The use of environmental elements is also a great idea. For example, explosive barrels are one of the environmental resources to interact with. They are extremely useful for killing enemies from a safe place, especially if there are more of them nearby.

As small as it is versatile: Koby’s capabilities in Steel Seed 

When we enter a new area, we can do reconnaissance, using Koby to see what awaits us. If things don’t go as planned, Zoe has the skills to handle even close combat, unleashing powerful and devastating attacks on her enemies. Remember, Zoe is not alone! In fact, we can also aim with Koby and try to hit the enemy’s weak points to inflict extra damage. The more Zoe fights, the more she will improve her skills. To increase and improve capabilities, special stations will be scattered throughout the game (approximately every 3 levels): the S4Vi. By entering it we will be able to teleport or assign Zoe and Koby points to improve or unlock new abilities.

In this regard, we must mention one of the most useful skills that we will be able to unlock in the game: hacking. This in fact allows Zoe to temporarily bring one of the enemies on her side. In return, the hacked enemy will lose health points over time, but will fight with you or create a useful distraction for you to advance.

Steel Seed - Koby's capabilities

Among Koby’s many abilities, we also find Glitches, which are not the only tool in Koby’s arsenal. In fact, there are several tools and abilities that Zoe and Koby can unlock during their adventure. This depends on the playing style of the players. The Devs call it the “challenge system”. Last, but not least, one of the tools you can find in Steel Seed: the glitch field is extremely useful for creating your own path if you prefer a stealth approach.

Some enemies may patrol high points, making progress through levels more difficult. We can try to reach them or opt for the Skull Piercer, the perfect tool for killing enemies from a distance. But, just keep in mind that you need to aim for the head, for a perfect and silent execution.

What to expect from our perilous journey

So what are the main features that we can expect from Steel Seed, let’s do a recap:

  • Immersive, dark sci-fi world: intriguing main character evolution paired with a compelling and deep narrative experience revised and edited by BAFTA-winning writer Martin Korda
  • Stealth:  Use stealth-based techniques to explore the facility’s hostile environment undetected by robotic entities and guards. Some confrontations can be avoided through efficient movement
  • Dynamic gameplay: When exploring the environment, use Zoe’s powerful arsenal of tools and weapons to hone your own gameplay style. Discover new gadgets on your journey and unlock new skills for Koby
  • Intense combat:  Test your reflexes and multitasking abilities in Steel Seed’s challenging fast-paced combat action. Dodge enemy attacks and deliver punishing blows to clear the path. Call on Koby’s special gadgets and actions to cover you in combat and neutralise threats
  • Unique levels/challenges: Every level inside the facility is unique and offers many challenges for Zoe and Koby to overcome
  • Mobility: Use Zoe’s parkour skills to traverse the underground facility and gain a tactical advantage. From the artificial, robot-controlled depths to the open natural environment, danger lurks around every corner
  • A powerful guide: Take control of Koby by entering Flight Mode. Scan the area to discover secret areas, detect enemy positions, and find new upgrades for Zoe. Or maybe… use him as bait
  • KOBY, a drone for life: The master key of Steel Seed and Zoe’s guide on her lonely and dangerous journey inside the underground facility. By working together, they create a formidable duo and bring something new to every fight

At this point, all we have to do is find out for which platforms Steel Seed will be available. Well, we’ll be able to play it on PC via Steam or Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Steel Seed is scheduled for late 2024 and for now we can only wait for further updates from Storm in a Teacup. Continue to follow us so as not to miss the next Steel Seed developments and in the meantime…

Good Game everybody!

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