Kansas City Employee at Center of Harrison Butker ‘Doxxing’ Tweet Gets the FAFO Treatment – RedState

As RedState previously reported, just a few days after Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker gave the commencement address at Benedictine College, the official Twitter account for Kansas City decided to insert itself into the emerging debate over the appropriateness of his decidedly unwoke, unapologetically Catholic speech.

The person who ran the account posted information about where Butker and his family live. The tweet was deleted, but as the saying goes, the Internet is forever:

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In response, Missouri’s Attorney General, Andrew Bailey (R), accused the city of “doxxing” Butker and vowed swift action. He called on the city’s Democrat mayor, Quinton Lucas, to provide any communications related to the tweet, suggesting the city may have violated the First Amendment and the state’s Human Rights Act by allegedly discriminating against Butker and targeting him based on his religious beliefs.

“My office will not tolerate religious discrimination from City officials,” Bailey said in a statement at the time. “I will enforce the Missouri Human Rights Act to ensure Missourians are not targeted for their free exercise of religion.”

In an update to this story, it would appear that the employee at the center of the tweet controversy has gotten the FAFO treatment from Mayor Lucas:

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas said the city “has separated from the employee who was responsible for the message” during a Thursday morning interview with conservative radio host Pete Mundo on KCMO Talk Radio 95.7 FM.

“I think that to me, in many ways, resolves a lot of back and forth in the political world. I think there has been accountability from the city of Kansas City,” the mayor said.

“We all look forward to moving on. Letting the Chiefs play. Letting the city do what it’s supposed to do in delivering basic services. And hopefully you and I get to get back to conversations about potholes and everything else under the sun.”

Here’s the audio:

While Lucas says he is looking “forward to moving on,” it’s unclear as of this writing as to where Bailey stands on the issue now that the employee has been “separated” from their employment. 

The mayor’s announcement came a day after Chiefs coach Andy Reid and the team’s star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, both rallied to Butker’s defense during an off-season press conference. They defended his right to say what he did as a private citizen on his own time, with Mahomes noting that Butker is a “good person” with good character who is “trying to do whatever he can to lead people in the right direction.”

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