YOU SAID IT: Car thieves won’t care

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So the Ontario government is going take away a car thief’s driver’s licence for 10 years for their first offence. Every time I think government couldn’t be any more out to lunch, they always manage to outdo themselves. It’s happening at every level of government in this country and so much so that it’s become laughable. Does Premier Ford really believe this will deter them?

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Car thieves don’t care if they have a licence or not as stealing one can be done by anyone that knows how to drive … licence or not. It’s not like these guys are going to start taking public transit to get to their next crime. Perhaps five years in a federal prison (no club fed) would be more of a deterrent.

It’s past time to start making these criminals serve some hard time and screw being worried about the sentence being too harsh as harsh is what obviously needs to be done.

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Re: Folding on paper, Brian Lilley column, April 8

Whatever Premier Doug Ford’s reasons may be behind his letter to the LCBO telling it to reverse its decision that eliminated paper bags, his statement that this is about affordability is insulting.

If Ford was truly interested in helping families who are struggling in making ends meet, he would reduce or eliminate the excessive provincial taxes on alcohol sales.




Oh, Jimmy, where are you Jimmy? Mr. Watson, that is. The infamous “Streetcar to Nowhere” has encountered problem No. 4,258 and counting. Funny how these progressives like the former mayor strut their stuff while wielding vast amounts of power over the folks and of course the municipal public purse. There are now ceiling problems in St. Laurent Station. Look, the ceiling has been caving in on this whole fiasco since it first chugged down the line.




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