What to Expect from World of Warcraft’s Warbands


  • The War Within in World of Warcraft will introduce account-wide progression, connecting characters in a shared experience and tackling long-standing issues.
  • The new Warband feature will streamline alt leveling, allowing for shared progress and gear, transforming the game’s dynamics for the better.
  • With shared renown, gear, and currency, Warbands will revolutionize gameplay, making alt leveling more efficient and enjoyable for WoW players.

While players still have a bit of time left with World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, all eyes are on The War Within. Launching at the end of this year, The War Within promises to kick off a whole new era for World of Warcraft that will surely be an exciting time. Not only can fans expect the classic new expansion features and the beginning of The Worldsoul Saga, but Blizzard is also planning to tackle some of the game’s longest-standing issues.

One such change comes in the form of The War Within’s new Warbands feature. This feature will be a new way for players to level alts, with them actually being tied together in an account-wide progression system. No longer will characters feel like separate parts of Azeroth, but instead, they will conquer the many challenges of The War Within together. And while it will likely go through many changes as the release date nears, the current Warband system seems to be almost exactly what fans have been yearning for these past 20 years.


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World of Warcraft’s Warbands Are a True Game-Changer

Warbands Finally Fix One of WoW’s Biggest Problems

The War Within’s Warband feature is described as a new account-wide progression system that ties together all the characters on a player’s Battle.net, regardless of faction. This means that they will all share The War Within renown, a bank, achievements, gear, and even flight paths. Additionally, the transmog system will be altered a bit to allow players to gather whatever items they want, regardless of their role, and the character selection screen will be completely revamped to reflect this new feature.

More specifically, the Warband feature seeks to make previous character-specific features into account-wide systems. That means that regardless of the alt players are playing at the time, every single one seems to be working towards a shared goal, and as they get more to the max level, the entire experience will speed up by 5%, with a cap of 25%. All of these should help make the entire alt-leveling experience even better, which should give World of Warcraft a ton of life in the process.

Warbands Will be Shaking Up Many WoW Features

Alongside the XP boosts, shared renown, and a bank, Warbands will also be changing a few other core features a bit. One of these changes comes in the form of the Warbound until Equipped attribute that some of World of Warcraft‘s gear will have. This attribute means that players are able to share the gear they collect in quests, raids, dungeons, and Delves with their alts without any hassle. Once the gear is equipped, it will become Soulbound and can no longer be traded. However, until that point, players will be able to send the gear to whoever they want whenever they want within their Warband.

Currency will also work a bit differently once Warbands launch. While it will not be made account-wide, transferring any of World of Warcraft‘s many currencies between alts will be made way easier. Instead of having to mail it over, players will just be able to instantly transfer it to other characters with a simple click of a button. That way, they will never have to worry about overspending or sending it to the wrong people.

While they are still growing and changing, Warbands already sound like a pretty exciting addition to World of Warcraft. After 20 years, players will finally have a form of account-wide progression to make leveling alts even better. Additionally, brand-new features like Delves will be created with this system in mind, so players will be in for a treat. If this system ends up being a success, then there will likely be plenty more account-wide features in the Worldsoul Saga’s future.