Survive! Zombie! is a game that puts you in the rotten shoes of a zombie survivor

  • Game developer 92 Labs have showcased their game Survive! Zombie! at PlayX4
  • A survivors-like that pits you as a zombie against hordes of humans, it’s set for global launch soon
  • The new game is part of the studio’s big push to go global

The PlayX4 conference in South Korea has offered us the chance to discover a vast variety of games only released overseas. One of these is Survive! Zombie! from 92 Labs, and this is a survivors-like with teeth.

92 Labs hopesSurvive! Zombie! will seal the deal of their expansion into the global market, and their big bet is that this game, where you control zombies rather than humans, is going to have mass appeal.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world you play as a lone zombie building up their kingdom in an ‘alternate world’. But you won’t be alone and will have to continuously upgrade your zombie to fight off attacks from other zombies, humans and worse.

Judging by the title and gameplay alone it should be pretty obvious that Survive! Zombie! is taking a lot of cues from the rapidly expanding survivors-like genre. You control a lowly grunt of a zombie while slowly upgrading them with new abilities and weapons as they traverse an open field facing down hordes of enemies, bosses, structures and more.


While 92 Labs boasts a lot about their blockchain and Web3 (whatever those mean to you) experience it seems that Survive! Zombie! won’t contain those elements from a brief look at the synopsis. The studio is however aiming for a global launch soon enough.

It also seems the PlayX4 conference has been a pretty good source of some great hidden gems as we’ve been covering today. So you can expect us to be keeping a close eye on them in future. It’s not surprising of course given how much of a hotspot for mobile South Korea is.

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