Fallout Shelter pulls in ten times its usual income thanks to the Fallout TV series

When the Fallout TV series was announced I, like I assume many others, assumed it was going to be an utter pile of garbage. Well, as we now know that couldn’t be further from the truth. It was a smash hit, and this success has of course given the Bethesda game series a bit of a boost, including Fallout Shelter.

If you haven’t played it, Fallout Shelter is an admittedly quite fun base-building management game. As a Vault Overseer, you are in charge of expanding your home with a variety of rooms, managing your survivors, and sending them out to the wasteland in search of resources and general apocalyptic merriment.

Since the Amazon Prime series was released, Fallout Shelter’s daily venue has exploded, growing ten times its average income. It makes sense, you can watch and play at the same time, Bethesda would have had to be fools to ignore this potential. It’s been three weeks since that debut episode, and the trend is remaining strong.

Fully taking advantage of the show, Bethesda let five exclusive crossover characters to the mobile wasteland. Until May 7th, players can recruit themselves Lucy, The Ghoul, Maximus, Ma June, and the Snake Oils Salesman. You can also get two new companions in the form of Snip Snip and XC404, as well as a Valut 33 jumpsuit, and other equipment from the show.

Given that the Fallout Shelter revenue has exploded you might be thinking you need to buy all these, but you would be wrong. By completing a series of themed quests, you can unlock all this new fun for nothing. You do need to progress through the game and build up your base to get there, however, but you will have fun when doing so.

Fallout Shelter is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.