Black Desert Mobile releases new lightning-fast Askeia class

  • New fast-movement based Askeia class released
  • Blast gauntlet as primary weapon and Martial Vambrace as subweapon
  • Begins with four active skills and can learn more

Pearl Abyss has just announced the release of a brand new class in their popular adventure RPG, Black Desert mobile. Titled Askeia, this class is particularly for those who prefer fast-paced action as it excels in speedy martial arts, dealing devastating blows at the speed of lightning. Despite the pace, every move is calculated and precise. It should also feel quite different from the other classes such as the Mystic Azure Dragon.

Black Desert Mobile’s new Askeia class is a force to be reckoned with as her martial arts prowess shines through her various active skills. She uses a Blast gauntlet as her primary weapon, which is accompanied by a smaller but equally powerful Martial Vambrace. Using both, Askeia can obliterate her enemies quickly before they can even react to her moves.

The Askeia class is really powerful and this strength only seems to increase with progress. She begins with four active skills and can learn many more by raising her level. Once you get to level ten, you’ll also earn the highly sought-after Banha’s Tears title.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of her skills, beginning with Martial Spirit. This is a passive ability that boosts skill damage on forward guard and grants damage reduction and garb prevention when MP is above 100. It also helps in HP recovery during combat.

Moving onto the active ones, Shadow Step can be used to either evade enemies or bridge the gap to get closer to them. Deathstrike involves launching opponents into the air with a palm strike, while Fist of the True Strength is a deadly combo that deals several punches in a row.

Finally, you can use Askeia’a Succession Skills, Dragon Punch and Fury Drive, both of which improve her combat capabilities and utilise her potential to the maximum.

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