Biomutant on Switch is Selling About 20 Times Higher Than Expected in Japan, as Per THQ Nordic

When Biomutant launched originally in 2021, though it was fairly successful from a commercial perspective, its critical reception was mixed at best, so you wouldn’t expect a Switch port of the game releasing three years later to be something that would make too many waves, if any. Defying expectations, however, Biomutant’s Switch port is doing quite well- in Japan in particular.

That’s as per publisher THQ Nordic, who confirmed to Automaton Media that the recently released Nintendo Switch version of Biomutant is selling about 20 times higher than expected in terms of both physical and digital sales, which is a shockingly good start for the new release by any metric. As per Automaton’s report, THQ Nordic believes the Switch’s portability being a good fit for the open world action RPG has contributed to its strong sales.

Whether or not Biomutant will be able to maintain momentum in Japan remains to be seen, but it’s certainly got off to a decent start on the Switch. It should also be interesting to see what kind of a sales bump the game will have enjoyed following its Switch release in other parts of the world. Hopefully THQ Nordic will share those details in the coming weeks.

In addition to Nintendo Switch, Biomutant is also available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.