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The Biden team has had Joe Biden out and running around more to various campaign events over the past couple of months. 

They’re trying to move the needle on Biden’s poll numbers. 

It’s been a complete mess with Biden saying all kinds of crazy things, including saying he was vice president during the pandemic and he met with the mayor of Detroit to help him during that time when, clearly, he wasn’t vice president during the pandemic. The White House had to scramble to come out with an explanation and claimed he meant the “recession” but no one was buying that explanation. They’ve had to make 148 corrections to transcripts in just the first four months of 2024. because of Biden’s various mistakes. 


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So, is it having any effect? Not the effect that they had hoped.

U.S. President Joe Biden’s public approval rating this month fell to its lowest level in almost two years, tying the lowest reading of his presidency in a warning sign for his reelection effort, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed.

The four-day poll, which closed on Monday, showed just 36% of Americans approve of Biden’s job performance as president, down from 38% in April. It was a return to the lowest approval rating of his presidency, last seen in July 2022.

Trump was ranked better on the number one issue — the economy — by ten points, 40 to 30 percent. He was also ranked far higher on immigration (42 to 25 percent), as well as foreign policy (36 to 29 percent). 

Even CNN’s Chris Cillizza had to admit it — that Biden’s numbers were just not getting better. 

Indeed, as these latest numbers show, they’re only going back down again to the lowest point. The needle is moving — it’s just moving down. They not only have to worry about battleground states, they have to worry about states that weren’t even supposed to be in play, like Minnesota, Virginia, and now, even New Hampshire. Then he’s also in trouble with the far left over the war in Gaza, so he’s likely to lose some critical support there as well. 

If anything, putting Joe Biden out there has made his approval drop even more. When they see more of him, they realize how bad he is and just how much they don’t want him. So please, keep going with that tactic — it seems to be working well..for Trump. 

This perhaps said it all: How many people is that? Not a lot. Can you feel the excitement? 


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