Attack on Titan Revolution: How to Get Pot

In Attack on Titan Revolution, Pot stands for Potential, which represents the average of all your character’s upgrade levels. Here’s a guide on understanding Potential and how to increase it in the AoTR.

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What is Potential and How to Increase it in Attack on Titan Revolution?

Potential directly impacts your ability to upgrade your character’s stats in Attack on Titan Revolution. Each stat has a maximum upgrade level of 9 currently. If you try to upgrade a stat beyond your current Potential, it will be blocked. This means that you have to level up equipment and skills in a balanced way to increase your Potential. By doing so, you prevent the creation of overpowered and potentially game-breaking characters; balance was at the forefront of the developer AoTR [PI] mind.

Increasing Potential

To raise your Potential, focus on upgrading stats that are lower than the average. As these individual stats increase, your overall Potential also increases. This unlocks the ability to further upgrade previously blocked stats.

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So, if you were only upgrading ODM Speed, it’ll come to a point where you cannot upgrade that any further; it’ll become capped. To upgrade it again, you need to upgrade ODM Durability, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage. Basically, all eight pieces of equipment need to be upgraded evenly to get that max level 9 pot.

How Does Potential Affect Upgrades?

Having a high Potential offers several benefits. Firstly, it allows further upgrades for individual stats up to a maximum of level 9. Additionally, a high Potential may be required to access specific missions. In Shiganshina, for example, the Easy mode doesn’t require any Pot, while the Normal mode needs Pot 2 or more, and the Hard mode demands Pot 5 or more.

Roblox Attack On Titan Revolution Hard Mode Potential
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In essence, maintaining a balanced character development by increasing your Pot in Attack on Titan Revolution is essential for progressing through the game and unlocking new features.