AFK Arena celebrates five years of 100 million players by releasing the dragons

Lilith Games is quite the behemoth when it comes to mobile games, with Rise of Kingdom and Dislyte firmly planting them as a bit name. Also up there is AFK Arena, which is celebrating a double whammy of its 5th anniversary, as well as blazing past a spectacular 100M players.

AFK Arena is a turn-based RPG which has over 100 heroes available for players to collect, each with its own special skill to whip out in battle and melt people’s faces off with. As you might expect, it comes with some idle mechanics to keep you levelling up whilst away, and a dearth of content to return to, including PvP and a new roguelike mode.

To help players celebrate both of these massive milestones, AFK Arena is handing out a huge 300 summons to all its players, a boon to both new and current adventurers. This update also introduces the Draconis faction, as well as the Winged Sojourn event to help you gather all the resources needed to get those new dragon friends in the fight promptly.

One of the most exciting parts of this event is the giveaway of Hildwin, the Crimson Sovereign, a Mage of the Draconis faction. He specialises in continuous damage which is nice, but much more importantly using his Ultimate will turn him into a dragon that summons tornados to ravage all his foes. A powerful skill, and also, dragons are cool.

If you dabble in social media, then you can also celebrate the new release over there as well. TikTok makers can take advantage of the new Summon the Draconis filter to add a bit of draconic fury to your shorts. For those that want a little more of a chill event, then you can join in on the DIY Dragon Egg creation workshops, which sound pretty cool, or sticker co-creation events that will be on Facebook and Discord.

AFK Arena is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.