Aether Gazer kicks off Karasugo Imbroglio event with a brand new addition to the main storyline

  • Explore the story of Karasugo Imbroglio in this update
  • Get yourself numerous anniversary rewards as well
  • New S-Grade Modifier introduced too

Aether Gazer has received a ton of new content as Yostar has released the highly anticipated Karasugo Imbroglio event. This update is a big one as it kicks off the title’s anniversary celebrations while also carrying forward the main storyline. Besides that, you can expect the addition of a new S-Grade Modifier alongside several outfits and other rewards.

The main focus of Aether Gazer’s latest update is the story of Karasugo Imbroglio, which begins at a family estate nestled in the mountains. A CORG agent has gone missing and as you investigate, you will slowly uncover the mystery that is clouded by both fate and rules. There is only one way to escape, and it will only work if you muster up the courage to do so.

Once you’re through with this riveting quest, you can begin raking in all the anniversary rewards. A Mod Growth Supply package, 2000 Shifted Stars, and 10 Precise Scan Vouchers will all be given for free. You can further get your hands on an S-Grade Modifier and 10 more Precise Scan Vouchers by clearing missions and logging into the game.

Speaking of S-Grade Modifiers, Flower of Yomi – Izanami is the new one. Originally called Karasugo Senha, she quickly rose up the ranks and became the head of the Karasugo family after plotting to kill the Crow God. To the outside world, she appears rational, aloof, and somewhat unapproachable, but the ones close to her know her true girlish side.

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On top of all this, you will also see the introduction of a new ultimate skillchain, sigil, as well as a functor, alongside more additions in the store.

Explore all this by downloading Aether Gazer now for free by clicking on your preferred link below. Visit the official website to learn everything about this new update.