Ride into the zombie apocalypse in style with Earn to Die Rogue

Back in the good old days of Flash games, there were a few staples; Happy Wheels, Stick RPG, and of course the apocalyptic driver Earn to Die. Fans of the running over zombies simulator can rejoice, as the sequel to the legendary game, Earn to Die Rogue, has launched on mobile with some nice upgrades.

Sticking true to its roots, Rogue brings back the zombie hit-and-run fun for the first time since 2015, having rocketed to the number one spot on the iOS paid games charts in 135 countries. It also notched up over 160 million downloads on Google Play as a free-to-play title, and I am sure we can expect similar numbers again.

You can select between five cars to upgrade into the most advanced zombie-smasher imaginable, including a taco truck and a hovercraft, which sounds like the worst vehicle to have in this situation. Take your souped-up vehicle into the Driving Game Mode to find upgrades to beef up your hero.

You may have noticed the word mode above. That is because Earn to Die Rogue introduces a new mode to the beloved franchise, a rogue-like platformer. Leaving your portable fortress, you will make your way into zombie-infested lands on foot in the pursuit of resources. There are over 14 platforming stages to enjoy, and 25 equipment pieces to find to become the ultimate zombie slayer.

As you explore these new areas, you can grab yourself 30 power-ups to help on your way, which will be much appreciated in the Heat Mode. With difficulty modifiers to duff up those zombies, only the most accomplished hunters will be able to stand against the horde. And best of all, you can enjoy the full zombicide experience for free.

Earn to Die Rogue is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.