How to Titan Shift in Attack on Titan Revolution

In the world of Attack on Titan Revolution, players have the thrilling opportunity to transform into a powerful Titan, but it’s not as simple as one could hope unless you get extremely lucky and roll into the Yeager Family. So one question remains, how to turn into a Titan in Attack on Titan Revolution?

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Attack on Titan Revolution (AoTR) Titan Shifting Guide

There are two ways to Titan Shift in Attack on Titan Revolution. The first is to get extremely lucky and spin into the Yeager Family, as you will have an innate ability to transform into a Titan. The second way is getting your hands on Attack Serum, but the drop rate is incredibly low.

Yeager Family

Players must belong to the legendary Yeager family as this family has the ability to transform without Attack Serum, but joining this familial lineage is exceptionally difficulty as you have a mere 0.05% chance of spinning into this family.

Acquiring the Attack Serum

To become a titan in Attack on Titan Revolution, you need to obtain the Attack Serum item. The main way to get this item is by finishing a mission on Aberrant (A-grade) difficulty, but the drop chance is extremely low, and based on whether you’ve used a Luck Potion or not, I’ve seen 0.088%, 0.075%, and 0.122%. Regardless, the drop rate is exceptionally low.

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This is the toughest mission in the game, so obtaining the Attack Serum is nearly impossible without assistance from other players.

Attack on Titan Revolution Titan’s Abilities and Passives

Roblox Attack On Titan Revolution Titan Skill Tree
Image: Attack on Titan Revolution Wiki

Once you have the Attack Serum or are part of the Yeager Family, you can then Titan Shift. Titan Shifters gain access to a diverse range of abilities and skills, including standard moves such as M1s, kicks, and blocks, alongside the following unique Titan skills:

  • Corkscrew Punch
    • Let out a deafening roar that regenerates 3%-7% of your HP over four ticks. Every titan in range will take 7.5%-12.5% damage each tick, stunning all nearby titans to be stunned in place for 2s-4s.
  • Brutal Stomp
    • Use all of your weight to shatter the ground with a stomp, dealing 70%-125% damage to all titans and buildings in the area. Any crawlers under 5-15 meters will be instantly executed.
  • Uppercut
    • Charge up a lethal uppercut that instantly executes up to 1-2 titan(s) on hit, launching their body into the air. After falling back down to the ground, the body deals 40%-70% damage in the area to other titans, based on their size.
  • Roar
    • After a short windup, lunge forward and unleash a powerful right hook that creates devastating shockwaves in front of you, dealing 90%-200% damage to everything in its wake.
  • Hardening
    • Manifest an extremely durable crystalised material on your fists, increasing punching and skill DMG by +10%-20%, punching speed by +10%-17.5% and block bar damage reduction by +10%-25%.
  • Eject + Force Eject (Passive)
    • Kneel down on the ground, emerging from your titan form back into human form by launching yourself into the air out of the reach of any nearby titans below.

Titan Passives

Apart from these potent skills, Titan Shifters also possess influential passive abilities, including:

  • Shifter Mastery: Titan shifting bar reduces by 2%-3% per second, with a HP Regen of 10%-20%, with an overall titan size being 13-15 meters and gaining an extra 250-550 Health.
  • Boxing Mastery: Deal 60%-80% damage to up to 1-2 titan(s) with your titan punches, hitting +0%-5% faster. Heavy attack deals 25.0% more damage.

Yeager’s Berserk Mode

Additionally, those aligned with the Yeager family gain exclusive access to the Berserk Mode, characterized by its powerful effects and heightened risks. To activate this formidable mode, players must unleash an earth-shattering roar, setting into motion the following effects:

  • Enhanced Damage: Gain a substantial 10% to 20% boost in damage output.
  • Increased Speed: Experience an impressive 5% to 10% surge in movement speed.
  • Vulnerability: Endure an increased vulnerability, with a 15% to 10% surge in damage received.
  • Health Drain: In exchange for these heightened abilities, experience a gradual loss of 2% to 1% of health per second.
  • Deactivation: This intense mode automatically terminates as the player’s health diminishes to 15%.