Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile takes you to to the Universal Century with new Mobile Suit Gundam Skins

  • Mobile Suit Gundam, the famous Japanese media franchise, is coming to CoD
  • Warzone Mobile will be getting the Mobile Suit Gundam Legends event at the same time as other platforms
  • Get three new skins featuring famous robotic faces from June 5th to the 19th

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is set to annoy fans of accurate military simulation and bring in a world-famous real robot franchise in one fell swoop. That’s because Mobile Suit Gundam is coming to the Call of Duty franchise! Yes, from June 5th to the 19th you’ll be able to embody the Zaku or Gundam of your choosing as you take to the warzone in the hit battle royale spin-off of Call of Duty.

Set in Earth’s far future, the Gundam franchise chronicles a variety of time periods and alternative universes all tied together by the existence of giant mecha called Mobile Suits. Of these machines the most well-known and often the most dangerous are the Gundam series, which tend to be prototypes or custom-built.

The Gundam franchise encompasses comics, films, games and more, and is probably one of Japan’s best-known cultural exports.

What do I get?

In the upcoming Mobile Suit Gundam Legends event you’ll be able to acquire three new skins based on the Gundam franchise. The RX-78-2 Gundam is arguably the poster-boy (robot?) of the franchise, while fan-favourite Zeon-made MS-06S Zaku II adds a bit of retro charm to the lineup, finally, the exclusive XVX-016 Gundam Aerial from the latest series Witch from Mercury takes this set of skins into the next generation.

Again, while this is undoubtedly going to tick off CoD purists (and really, if you told us ten years ago this series would have Gundams we’d probably think you were loopy) we can’t deny it’s pretty exciting to see a lineup like this not only being added, but also coming virtually at the same time to Warzone for mobile.

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